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Labour File: Pathetic Conditions of Workers in India India is supposed to be a ‘democratic’ country with a constitution that endowed people with more rights. It is also supposed the ‘independent’ judiciary renders equal justice alike. India is supposed to be under rule of democratic system run by the majority of people. But in India where workers and toiling masses who comprises the majority neither enjoy any freedom or right nor equal justice has ever been dispensed to them, nor do the wealthy classes ever treat them with human dignity but with the despicable feudal brutality. Justice and equality remain a far cry for workers which are being denied by the exploiting ruling classes. The following incidents during last six months, in various parts of India discloses the true pathetic state of workers, either belongs to ‘organised’ sector or ‘unorganised’ sector, being treated as second rate citizens. Bullets as Bonus for Assam Tea Garden Workers The workers of the Bogidhola tea estate in eastern Golaghat district have been agitating demanding 14 per cent of bonus, while the management was willing to pay 8.33 per cent. This bonus is related to Durga puja. The agitating workers were being supported by Krishak MuktiSangram Samiti (a farmers group). As a part of their agitation, protesting measly bonus offered by the management, the plantation workers ghraoed the owner, Sudhir Roy and his brother Sumit Roy on 13-12-2017. Instead of meeting out workers demand, the owner and his brother opened fire using the licensed gun and pistol on the workers injuring five workers. Several other workers were also injured while trying to June - 2018 escape from firing range. The police who entered the scene have detained the owner and his brother only to rescue them from the ‘mob’ (agitating workers), but they were not arrested. Such is the true nature of the law and order maintenance where the rich culprits are rescued and victims are arrested. Justice – A Mirage The management of Pricol in Tamil Nadu had booked a false case implicating some workers in the criminal case of vandalism and violence against management officials. The Madras High Court had held that the case was fabricated and that the charge sheet in the case was flawed. It acquitted six workers and one worker was acquitted by the High Court. But on the same day, 13 November 2017, the management of Pricol filed a special leave petition in the Supreme Court against the acquittal. The petition was admitted by the Supr VP6W'BBBWfV77VVBF6W0FFRv&W'2BFR6RFRFR7W&VP6W'BBBF֗GFVB@F6֗76VBFR7V6VfPWFFbGvv&W'2b&6fB&W'Fv7B6f7FBƖfP6VFV6Rv&FVB'FRvW 6W'BBWfVGFVFrFW֖RFR66RbFW6Rv&W'0&6rFRW&Bbf7G2FP&V6&B2&V6FVB'FPG&2v6W'BF22rW"FWVFV@BV&6VBVF6'FB07W6VBFF66&vRWVW7F6R2&VƗGFWFP6W6Rb&7FrFRVƖ&W&vVFbFRǒ6F&WfW6ǒFRfW'6PGW&RbW7F6Rv2F7V6VBFFRv&W'2b'WF7WV@vVv&W'2द&BvfW&VB&2r7FFrG&FRVF"6vF6֗F52v2&Vv7FW&VBG&FRVg&fr&VB#"V&W'2g&G26WFRB2&VVVvvVB&v旦rv&W'2f&W0GW7G&W2v&F&&@F&B&V2&BB0v&rrFRv&W'2b6֖W2FW&vW"G2V&v旦VB6V7F"Bw&7VGW&&W"B&v旦rFVF&VƗRFV"VvFFRFVG2@26&VV7V"ֆVFp&FW7G2v7BfRV6VFW"`VvVBƗFR'FRvfW&ЦVBFRV26&v旦pFf62v7B( VGVФ&N( v6Ɩ6V6W2@W&֗G2GW7G&Ɨ7G2FVFW"@BGW&&W6W&6W2( 2FP6&W'GbFRVR`&BFR7FfGb52vVpƗF6666W6W72pv&W'2BVR'F7V&ǐFf626rFRFVPƖ6W2bvfW&VBv2BǐVF&R'WB6&VBFR7FFPvfW&VBv6fVB6V7FУbbF7&֖rVFV@7B( 26rb'&F6W&F7W&W72F2v&W67FV@WFFB7W&W76( 2@FV6&VBFR522VvgV@&VBBFB2rFR( ƗF6g&VVF>( BVvFFR&vG2`v&W'2F&v旦RB&FV7@FV"&vG2BW'7VRFV"W7FfV@7&F2&R&VrG&VFVB'FP7FFRbFRWFr'VƖr676W2v&W'2f&6VBF6VFP6W2b"vW'0WBFW"6FVB`VW2V6VBbfWVF