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imperialist contradictions. Other imperialist powers had become more conscious and assertive to demand their share in the loot and domination. Russia, which suffered a serious setback from the collapse of Soviet Union, had, again, set itself on the road of recovery and assertion to defend its allies, spheres of influence and challenge the US claims of world domination. After turning to capitalist road, China had concentrated all its efforts to emerge itself into a powerful economic, political and military force and a potential foe to US in Asia. It openly and together with Russia and other like- minded countries and combinations like SCO challenges the US claims and attempts to dominate the world. On its part, the US persists in its strategy of world domination. At the same time, as the situation stands today, the US is faced with serious economic crisis, growing opposition from the oppressed people, and isolation in the midst of its foes as well as friends. Its drive for world domination is facing more obstacles, challenges and opposition today. China’s diplomacy and moves came in the wake of this international situation and its assessment about its possible impact on the countries and people. Through their diplomacy of Wuhan Summit, the Chinese leaders sought to convey one message to the Indian leaders as strongly and effectively as possible. Message is: US is quite unreliable. In its relations with India, for that matter with any country, the US is guided by nothing but its own interests and its own aim of establishing its domination over the entire world, It will make use of every relation and resource and alliance with other countries, including India for no other purpose but to realise its own aim. The US domination is disastrous for Asia and the att