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Politics of Wuhan Summit The Indian rulers are partners in the alliance of US – Japan and Australia headed by US imperialism. The US seeks to assure the Asian people that this alliance is aimed at protecting the right of free passage in the sea for countries in the Asia – Pacific region. But, in reality, it is a tool of US strategy for domination in the Asia – Pacific region. The Indian rulers seek to make the Indian people believe that they have joined this alliance because it is useful to India and this act has elevated India’s status. It is absurd. In reality, India is made to share a part of the ire and opposition of Asian and World people for lending its help to the politics of domination pursued by the US imperialism. It is a well known fact that China stands as a powerful hurdle in the way of the US strategy to impose its domination on the people of Asia – Pacific region. Therefore, weakening China’s influence in the region, isolating it and getting prepared, if need be, to strike at China at an appropriate time is an important part of US strategy in the region. China too is working with its own strategy and preparations to counter the US. US imperialists ate doing everything to utilise the problems between India and China and anti- China feelings in India in the interests of its strategy for domination in the region. It is trying to impress upon the Indian ruling classes that opposing China and curbing its influence is necessary and in India’s own interests. China clearly knows that the Indian rulers are tied to the US and they had gone a long way in taking the steps to meet the requirements of US. Yet, China has not abandoned its attempts to deal with the Indian rulers in the light of its June - 2018 own strategy. China is trying to maintain normal relations with India, avoid tensions and not to allow the unresolved border dispute and Doklam type of incidents to exasperate the tensions between the two countries. The Chinese investments and goods are flowing into India with no restrictions. The diplomatic relations, interactions, visits and meetings of leaders on both sides are going on in a friendly atmosphere. The visit of Indian Prime Minister to China in the last week of April 2018 and two days “Summit” of Indian PM and the Chinese President held in Wuhan city are seen as an important diplomatic more on the part of China. The Foreign Ministers of two Countries have met in Beijing on April 22 nd 2018 and gave final touches to the preparations for the Summit. Throwing a light on the purpose of the Summit, the Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said: “The leaders will reach a strategic conclusion about the global situation and the development of China and India. They will also set the general course, identify new goals and create a new dynamic for growth of China – India relations.” “... China and India had overlapping interests in South Asia, the Indian Ocean and the Indo- Pacific. There was therefore an urgency to align our world views through a broader across – the- board dialogue.” Lu kang, the spokesperson of Chinese Foreign Ministry, had further elaborated that “India and China are important forces in promoting the multi-polar world and economic liberalisation, and as well as ensuring..... peace, stability and development.” “...as newly emerging markets as well as developing countries with big populations.....we believed the two countries will continue to uphold the globalisation so that it is more inclusive.” The two Foreign Ministers have announced that the Indian PM Narendra Modi and the Chinese President Xi Jinping will sit down in Wuhan “informal talk” setting aside formalities and protocol, with interpreters, but without “note–takers” or accom- panying Officials. There will be no listed agenda or even a joint statement. Accordingly, both leaders have met in the stately Guest House on East Lake of Wuching in the picturesque Wuhan city. They boated in the lake and walked among the woods and had a “heart- to-heart” talk. At the end of first round of talks, Mr. Modi invited the Chinese President to India for similar informal summit. The Chinese president has said: “China and India are both important engines for global growth and we are central pillars for a multi-polar world and globalised world. A good China – India relation is an important and positive factor for maintaining peace and stability in the world.” What the Wuhan informal Summit indicate? We must first understand the present international situation. The policies of world domination aggressively pursued by the US imperialism through wars of invasion (Afghanistan, Iraq) and in the name of globalisation and the global fight against terrorism brought serious setbacks and triggered off powerful protests, opposition and resistances from the affected people as well as the people all over the world. These policies had landed the capitalist world in general and the US in particular in worst economic crisis. They had further intensified the 13