--classstrugggle-flipmag CS June-2018 MKP (1) - Page 11

Condemn the US and Other Imperialists’ Threats to Subjugate Iran The US President Donald Trump announced that US imperialism has withdrawn from the Iran nuclear accord is re-imposing crippling economic sanctions and will soon add further unspecified sanctions. He accused Iran of being “world’s leading state sponsor of state terrorism”. He claimed Iran is on the cusp of threatening the US with “nuclear armed ballistic missiles”. All these are blatant lies placated to make the people of US and the world to support the aggressive acts going to be unleashed by the US imperialism on Iran. Who is threatening whom? The accompanying map shows a total of 45 US military bases and camps around Iran which can unleash attacks on Iran within minutes of issuing orders. No one can hide the fact that out of 105 total cruise missiles deployed in April 14 strikes in Syria, 85 were launched by US, 12 by France and 8 by UK. The blast at Hama base due to the missile attack by Israel, which killed 20 people and injured another 60, was so severe that it caused 2.6 magnitude earthquake. The consequent shockwaves were felt as far away as Lebanon and Turkey. It is the US imperialism and its Zionist ally, Israel, are the real threat to not only Iran and Syria but the entire Middle East. The nuclear threat from Iran is also false. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), which has subjected Iran nuclear programme to the most humiliating inspection process and all the signatories of Iran nuclear accord categorically, stated that Iran has fulfilled all its obligations under the accord to the letter and has not had any nuclear weapons programme for at least 15 years. In contrast, the US military June - 2018 is keeping an inventory of nearly 7000 nuclear warheads. As of 2017, the Pentagon reported having some 1411 nuclear warheads actually deployed on 673 ICBMs, SLBMs and strategic bombers around the world. The real nuclear threat exists from the US imperialism alone. The US imperialism in the pursuit of its hegemonic interests created, abetted Islamic terrorism beginning from Afghanistan and Iraq, to Libya, Syria and Yemen. It devastated the societies and lives of people of Middle East countries for the past quarter of a century. It is the US imperialism that sponsored and still sponsoring terrorism of all varieties that caused havoc in the Middle East. The same US imperialism is accusing others particularly those regimes who refuse fall in line with it as sponsors of state terrorism. While the US media is ranting about the religious rule in Iran and raking up religious hatred against the political leaders of Iran, many of them being Muslim clerics, Donald Trump sang paeans to the deposed head shah of Iran. He said under shah “Iran commanded respect from international community”. It reveals the real intention of US imperialism. Since 1951, the US is continuously spitting venom on every democratically elected government in Iran. In that year, the government headed by Mohammed Mossadegh nationalised oil resources, and liberated it from the clutches of Anglo-American oil Company. Two years later, Mossadegh was overthrown from the power by a CIA armed coup. The US imperialism installed Shah Reza Pahlavi in power and as he was ordered denationalised the oil sector paving the way for US oil companies. The CIA man who executed this coup and actually rode on a tank into Tehran was Kermit Roosevelt Jr.,