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Condemn Israeli Massacre of Palestinian People Again, on May 15 th 2018, the Israeli armed forces have butchered 60 Palestinian people and wounded more than 2,200 protesters. A baby of 8 months age too has died by inhaling the tear gas. The present protest action of Palestinian people is a part of six week protest campaign going on along the Gaza border. It was scheduled to conclude on May 15 th 2018-the day of Nakba (catastrophe). On this day in 1948, the Israeli Zionists had invaded Palestine and forcibly drove out the Palestinian people and occupied their homes and lands. The Palestinian people lost lands in the subsequent period too in the context of Israeli attacks and wars of invasion. The Israeli rulers had erected iron fencing along the Gaza border and prohibited the Palestinian people from moving in and out of Israeli occupied areas. The Palestinian people began the present protest campaign to demand the lifting of the Israeli blockade and for the restoration of their own homes and lands. In Dec’2017, the US President Trump had announced his decision to shift the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem as, according to him, Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. US chose May 14 th as the day for it. This move has invited strong protest and condemnation from the Palestinian as well as the Countries and people throughout the world. The Palestinian people see this one sided and highhanded move on the part of US to impose an unjust solution on the Palestinian people. They also see it as a crude way of scuttling and negating the whole process of negotiations aimed at finding a reasonable and lasting solution to the problem. Therefore, the Palestinian people have extended their present protest to oppose the US move to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israeli. They have come out into the streets in thousands massively protesting against the US move. The brutal Israeli attack and massacre against the Palestinian people on May 15 th , 2018 came only in this wake. But the Palestinian people are defiant. Thousands of people have marched in the funeral march defying the Israeli attacks, holding the flags high and raising the slogans, “with souls and blood we redeem you, martyrs”. The [\[X[[H^HX[\B[ܙH[]\YܙH]Z\YHYZ[H\ܘY[H[ۚ\™܈YH[\[\\XH[Y]HYHYZ[H]X›و[\\X[\Z[][ۋB۝HYHH[\X\ۈ\[\HBܙX[[[[H\][X\XHTˈ][][[ݚ[܈[[ݚ[[Hق]X\ۜH[\XH\]ۂYZ\\HY\XYH]š[\H]Z[][ۈݙ\Bܛ ]\HY\[\YY]HH[ۛHݙ\BX\ۜ[Hܛ ]\B\X[وܛXXH[X\]K][X]HX[[BZHܙXH]\HوX\ۜ][܈[]H[][\\\HHZ][\وX[[Y\ˈ\]\[][\\X[\]XوZ[][ۋTš\[HY\[YH܈Z[][ۂݙ\\XH[\XKTXYXY[ۂ[]Z[]\H\[K[\\[H[X]]Y\[BܙX[[[[HYXYH[[\ܝ[\و\[YKBYHوܙX[[H܈BXX\YHܙX[[[[H\[Y\H]X[YۚYX[B[ۘ\وH[Hو[\BY[ۋT]Xو[\\[H[Z[][ۈ\HHXZ[X]œXXH[]\Hو]\[ۋ[[ۜ[ۙX[BܙX[[[[KH]\[X[H]][وT›Z[]\H\K\X[[Y[و]X\ۈ\[\[Y[BXX\X\ۜ[HܙX[[[[H[\XKTXYXY[ۋH]\ۙ[[[][\BHT]HHX[YB\]Y[ܝ[]ܙXHHZ\؛[\[XY]H[]H[\[XXKH]\[[YHHYH܂ܛXXKHXX\YYHܛYH\Z[]K[[ۈX[ۋ\[[[\HوXX\[[\\قX\ۜوX\\X[ۂB\[]Y\˂[]XۜY\\YY[HUT”[[Z] 'H][[Y۸&\[˜X]8'XX[[[8'H\8'X\8'K[ZY]8'\[H\Z]\XXH܈\\HX]HY]BZ\\XH]K'B[HYX[[KT[]ܙXH[Z\X][˜[YX^[\]]X]YB][\HوX[YH[ܘYܝܙXH[ٙH[]]ܙXK\HT\^Z[H[YBو[\[HY]وTB[XX\\][ۈ܈HXX\HYBܙX[[[[HۛHYX[ܝܙXH]\X[ۈXX\X\ۜ[XZ]][B\YX][ۈوT]\ܝܙXH\YH]ܙˈܝܙXx&\X\ۘXH[X[]T]\8'[ۚ\x'H]›YX\\\[[ݙH[]XX\L\Y