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Vol. 10, Issue : 6 June 2018 Elections in Karnataka The Bogus of Democracy The competition and gamble for power among the parties of ruling classes that assumed most emotional and dramatic form and twists and turns has, at least, come to an end. The Congress and JDS combine, has emerged victorious in this game. It has hailed it as a great victory for justice, democracy and Constitution. It showered praise profusely on the Supreme Court for its timely and helpful intervention in Karnataka crisis. The BJP leadership has persisted in the claim that, as a single largest party in Karnataka Assembly, it alone had the moral right to form the Government. It called the Congress – JDS combine as immoral. The people and democratic forces in our country have witnessed the entire disgusting drama from the day of election results in Karnataka to the enactment of its last scene. After the elections, the BJP was faced with only one problem: How to hike 104 to 111? To realise this, it must rob 7 MLAs from Congress and JDS. There is no method that BJP leadership has not used. It offered bulky allurements; used pressures and threats; spread rumours; attempted to steal the MLAs and contemplated plans to prevent some from reaching the Assembly. The irrepressible hunger for power and hypertension it experienced till the last moment must be seen but cannot be depicted in words. The leaders of Congress – JDS combine too cannot be said to have enjoyed peace. They had to hide the ‘majority’ outside the reach of the enemy; they were not 100 per cent sure that all goes well till the end. No doubt, they moved with exceptional fastness and plan. But the last minute changes in the arithmetic can land them in a disastrous defeat. The formation of a government under the Indian Constitution and democracy had turned into a big farce. The fact that parties competing for power dealt the elected members as goods which can be bought or sold and which can be kept in lockers and taken when needed provide a glimpse of the kind of democracy we have. The elections in our country for legislative bodies are providing the occasions and platforms for the parties of the ruling classes to decide which of them can climb the seat of power. All these parties are committed to serve the comprador bourgeois – landlord classes and imperialism. But they don’t spell out this fact to the people. During the elections, they engage the people with the talk about development and welfare, etc. They compete in showering immediate benefits and promises to the people. They use caste, religion and region, etc. to rouse emotions, prejudices as well as to divert the people from the real issues and to reap votes. They seek to corrupt the people by throwing money and gifts. These parties competing for power assure the imperialists and their compradors that their interests are served Organ of the Central Committee of CPI(ML)