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Vol. 10, Issue : 7 July 2018 We will always Remember and Emulate Com. Kovai Eswaran One year has passed since our veteran leader Com Kovai Eswaran left us on July First due to ill health. He was born on 16 th July 1939 at Gopichettipalayam in Coimbatore district. As a son of freedom fighter he participated in many a struggle at early age. With his political activities he was gradually drawn towards the communist ideology and became a member of the Communist Party of India. He was dismissed from the job by the government because of his political activity. Com. Eswaran rejected revisionism and neo- revisionism and adopted revolutionary politics. He joined the CPI(ML( led by Com.Charu Mazumdar. He worked in Dharmapuri district and became a familiar leader. He differed with CM’s annihilation line. From 1970 he started working in the literary front and started publishing a literary magazine “Manithan” in Tamil. During the Emergency he organised many struggles for democratic rights under the banner of Tamil Nadu Human Rights Organisation. contd. on page 2 Com. Khokan Mazumdar On May 29, 2017, the colourful life of com, Khokan Mazum- dar, one of the leaders of Naxalbari peasant uprising and a member of CC of CPI(ML) came to an end. He was born in a village in Barisal district now in Bangla-desh. His parents gave him the name Abdul Hamid. He came to Kolkata at the age of 14 and started working as a ward boy in Lake Hospital. He came into contact with the communist party. He was arrested while leading the struggles of hospital staff. After becoming the party member, Com.Khokan Mazumdar was sent to Darjeeling district. He joined com. Kanu Sanyal in organising the tea garden workers and peasants in Naxalbari area that led to stormy struggles in Siliguri sub division. While waging ideological struggle within the party, the leaders of the area like Kanu Sanyal, Khokan Mazumdar, Jangal Santhal, Keshav Sarkar, Kadamlal Mallick were organising the masses into struggles. Thus the Naxalbari peasant uprising shook the Indian political scene. It made a demarcation between revolutionary line and revisionist line. contd. on page 2 Organ of the Central Committee of CPI(ML)