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US – IN ITS PATH OF WORLD HEGEMONY The US President Donald Trump’s announcement of his decision to pull out the US troops from Syria has created some confusions, apprehensions and dissentions among the ruling circles in US and criticisms from the US allies like France and Britain. The US President also announced to withdraw half of US troops from Afghanistan. The US Defense Secretary General Jim Mattis and the US Special envoy to the anti-Islamic State Coalition Brett Mc Gurk have resigned in protest against the decision. Trump’s fellow Republicans too have strongly criticized Trump and complained that Russia and Iran may take advantage of it. The French President Macron expressed deep regret at Trump’s decision and complained that US was showing a lack of reliability towards its allies. Going out of the way, he paid tribute to General Mattis for his ‘bold’ resignation. Trump claimed that US troops were no longer needed in Syria as the US had defeated the Islamic State. One more interesting statement also came in this context. Addressing a group of Army men in Iraq on Dec 25 th , 2018, Trump said: “The US cannot continue to be the policeman of the world. It is not fair when the burden is all on us, the US.” “We don’t want to be taken advantage of any more by the Countries that use our incredible military to protect them. They don’t pay for it and they are going to have to.” A superficial reading of these statements may lead one to conclude that the US leadership is proposing to abandon its thrust for 8 world hegemony because, firstly, they are disappointed by not so commendable results from this policy, and, secondly, they are very much frustrated by the failure of the allies in sharing the burden of imperialist actions in the world. But a deep study of realities will make one realize that these statements are utterly false and misleading. The imperialists are imperialists. They pursue the tactics based on their assessment of concrete situations and make the necessary changes in them in the light of changes in the situations and thus seek to achieve better results in their aims. In the immediate post- September 11 episode, the US President George W. Bush had resorted to offensive policy to assert the US as a world hegemonic power. The US had unleashed the wars of invasion against Afghanistan and Iraq under the banner of global war against terrorism. Bush declared that the US has every right to unleash a war against any country if it is found or felt that the US interests are threatened by a country or a force it shelters. Virtually, it was an open declaration of war on the world people. Much water had flown in the Ganges in the last nearly two decades’ time. The US led invading forces could overwhelm Taliban militarily, occupy Afghanistan and install a puppet regime there. But the Afghan people led by Taliban rose in powerful armed resistance against the US and the regime protected by it. Now, two regimes – one protected by the US and other led by Taliban- had come to stay in Afghanistan with Taliban led by forces continuously expanding their areas of operation and control. Saddam Hussein had died a heroic death and a puppet regime was installed in Iraq. But the US had encountered powerful resistance and opposition from the Iraq people. Decades of Wars had cost the US much and further intensified the economic crisis in US. Installing and managing a puppet regime in Iraq was not an easy walk for US. Because, the US had to depend in Iraq on the political forces which are under a great influence of Iran. Iran was and continues to be at loggerheads with the US. The US was compelled to give a prominent place to the pro-Iran forces in the regime. In the later period, the ISIS – a creation of US itself – came to the fore as a problem as it sought to take control of Iraq. The US had to deal with it. So from the beginning, the US attempts to dominate Iraq were riddled with endless crises and problems. In Syria, the problem arose only because US wanted to install a regime of its own choice by overthrowing the Syrian President Bashar al – Assad who is popular and well rooted among the people. It used every foul method including armed attacks to realize its aim. Syrian President’s refusal to bow down to US and its allies and his association with Russia and Iran are the causes of US ire against him. The imperialist powers of Europe like France and Britain were tailing behind all US actions in the world. However, they have grown more assertive in the course of time. The US being entangled in ever intensifying competitions and contradictions with Russia, China and Iran had boosted their courage. While striving for a better share in Class Struggle