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The most advanced sector of the popular movement is fighting against corruption, capitalist exploitation, abuse and imperialist plunder, but they are not yet fighting for a solid program, a real solution to capitalist barbarism, and this is because we have not yet managed to defeat bourgeois propaganda and spread the proletarian program: to fight for People’s Democracy and Socialism in order to put an end to exploitation, pollution, looting, unemployment, corruption, among other evils from which the working people suffer. This is our task, which should be carried out urgently in order to develop the popular and revolutionary solution to the continual crises through which the country has been going. The constitutional solution that the bourgeoisie has achieved, after the resignation of Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, does not in the least ensure the winning of better material and cultural conditions for the working class. Without an organized Communist Party there is no Revolution The Communist Party is the most important subjective factor of the working class in its tasks of organizing and carrying out the revolution for national and social liberation, it is its highest organized expression of our class, its conscious and fighting vanguard. In its ranks are found the best sons and daughters of the working people who honestly, consistently and selflessly strive to realize the historic tasks of the working class. Based on their own efforts and resources, they seek to do away with the bourgeois dictatorship and build Socialism. They are the men and women who faithfully take up the organizational, political and ideological principles of the working class, Marxism-Leninism, the Program and the Statute of the Party. This voluntary adherence 6 completes the process of training in the class struggle of thousands of social fighters who have been able to see further and more clearly than the rest of the people, who still have not been able to shake off the prejudices that the bourgeoisie has inculcated in their minds or who have difficulty taking up proletarian discipline, necessary for a historic party. Thus we state that there are no Marxist-Leninist communists outside the PCP (M-L). Outside the party there are social fighters, rebels, intellectuals who have read Marxist and Leninist books, people who fight in a consistent and disinterested way; but they have not been able to see beyond the limits established by the capitalist system; because they cannot, do not want to or because we have not managed to attract them to the cause of the working class and our ranks for true social change. Of the communist cadres who survived the massacre of Fujimori- Montesino and Shining Path, there are many who joyfully take our central organ Bandera Roja [Red Flag], who are carrying out association, trade union and electoral work but who are not organized in cells of study and work. They should be considered as friends, not members, since the communists are organized into cells of study and work, they fulfill specific tasks of organization, leadership, agitation and propaganda and give vitality to the functioning of the party, by developing within and disseminating outside the party’s policy in the living sectors of the social struggle. Anyone who claims to be a cadre formed at some point within the ranks of the Marxist- Leninist Communist Party and is not organized in a cell, in practice shies away from party discipline and cannot be considered as a member. The communists have in the cell the natural place of organization from which they exercise collective leadership and individual responsibility, criticism and self- criticism, from where they participate in democratic centralism and from where they assimilate and disseminate Marxist-Leninist theory. This does not fall from the sky nor is it learned by rote; it must be studied, verified and refined in social practice. The working people have sectors where the critical consciousness has had an important development, that take up the leadership of the social movement, but that still have not managed to lead the popular indignation towards the revolutionary and socialist torrents. We cannot accuse them all of being renegades to Socialism; for not every arena of social struggle is under the control of the local revisionism of “Patria Roja” [Red Fatherland] or “Unity”. However, we can say that they lack clarity about the tasks of the Revolution and the building of Socialism, that this honest sector is the one which we must urgently reach with our revolutionary press and provide them with a solid program to fight for. Bandera Roja is not a newspaper for sale to the general public; it is a collective organizer of the popular movement to bring them closer to the position of the working class represented by its Communist Party; it is the organ of our policy and its role will be achieved to the extent that it reaches the hands and understanding of those social fighters who are for change and whose actions we communists should provide more content. The task of organizing the Communist Party in the decisive sectors of political, trade union and popular activity is placed on the order of the day so that there is a body that leads the actions of opposition and indignation with a greater perspective and guides them towards the positions of the working class, towards the tasks of building a People’s Democratic and Socialist Republic in Peru. Class Struggle