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World Affairs: Peruvian Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist) Without a Communist Party and an organized PeoPle, there is no revolution In the periods when there are high points in the class struggle, political demonstrations of all kinds generally arise; on the one hand deviations from the left that seek an “accelerated change” or a quick solution without having a solid program or an organization that can take up the leadership of the popular movement; or a deviation from the right that awaits a bourgeois solution to the crisis and assumes the position of spectator of the process of change. Faced with these deviations, the PCP (M-L) points out its position vis-à-vis the current panorama and defines the tasks that its membership must carry out in order to channel popular indignation and be the reference point of the social struggle for the transformation of the country. The events that have taken place since December 2017 The pardon for the genocidal, robber and corrupt Alberto Fujimori, the declaration of the places where the popular protests are taking place as emergency zones, the determination of the amounts of dollars given as bribes from ODEBRECHT to Peruvian politicians, the negotiations to avoid the presidential vacancy, the laws that Congress has enacted to criminalize popular protest, the approval of the Juvenile Slavery Bill, the exemption from the payment of taxes to the big transnational corporations, the law that prevents audits of Parliament for its expenses and contracts, the authorization of the entry of U.S. troops, etc., have shown the Peruvian people more clearly how the country has been led. The CONFIEP1 is the body that January - 2019 represents the interests of the intermediary bourgeoisie and the transnationals; they are the true holders of the political power of the State and the various rulers and parliamentarians have been no more than their puppets. This is also true of the Police, Army, Navy and Air Force, who are also defenders of their neoliberal constitutional order; they are not, as they say, defenders of national sovereignty and the interests of the Peruvian people. “Bourgeois representative democracy” has been shown to be a farce by which the working people are deceived and kept under wage slavery. They claim: “the people elect their rulers,” “the people are the rulers and the presidents and congressional representatives interpret their highest aspirations.” We have always said. This is false, and now the people are more conscious of this since it is the CONFIEP which, by different means that money permits, ensures the election of its candidate, taking into account the various situations that the country is going through. It has at its disposition “radicals” such as Ollanta Humala who later was tamed to ensure the continuous flow of foreign investments, or the purer representatives of the neoliberal model such as the corrupt former president Pedro Pablo Kuczynski. At one time the Peruvian State represented the interests of the feudal aristocracy and now it represents the interests of the intermediary bourgeoisie, the figureheads of imperialism and not of any other class. It is not a “State of all the Peruvians”; it is the State of the bourgeoisie that exercises its organized violence against the working class. The bourgeoisie maintains its system in force with the buying and selling of votes in Congress to change sides of the parliamentarians and in the general elections it buys the voters in the poorest areas with money or “sealed envelopes,” as is the custom of Fujimorist drug- trafficking politicians. They also ensure the election of their candidates with the use of television mercenaries who divert the attention of the people, such as: Jaime Bayli, Aldo Mariategui, Jaime de Althaus, among other hack writers who serve as journalists, but whose mission is to guide the people’s intention to vote and divert their attention from their true interests. This is played out in each electoral contest and each legislative period. In this framework, the people choose among the most propagandized options imposed by their national and foreign henchmen. Important expressions of popular opposition have been noted There have been demonstrations against the pardon, with the demand that all the corrupt and exploiters must go!, against the generalized corruption, against the Law of youth exploitation N ° 1215. Along with these important forms of popular struggle there have also been the still low levels of indignation of a large sector of the population that, lulled by television propaganda, sees no alternative but to maintain the current system and resign itself to living in the same way. 5