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An All India strike of Working class has been called for on the 8th and 9th of January 2019 by several trade union centres, our working class organisation also taking part in that call. It is a must to ensure that all sections of struggling workers strike together and deal a mighty blow against these anti worker policies. The real fight must be further developed. As always, we call on the working class to strike together on the 8th and 9th of January to strengthen our common struggle. Come comrades, hold powerful strikes on both days! 1. Contain price rise. Universalize PDS. Cut taxes on petrol and diesel! 2. Strict enforcement of all labour laws especially statutory laws! 3. No amendments to labour laws. Withdraw all circulars issued by Central Govt, and also various state governments which restrict the law implementation by changing procedures. Strengthen the labour law enforcement machinery! 4. Minimum wage of Rs. 18,000 per month and linked to price index! 5. Accord the status of workers to so-called voluntary worker like AASHA workers. Minimum wages should be paid to them! 6. Assured pension of not less than Rs 3000 per month for contd from page 19 Such have been the horrible working and living conditions of these fish-workers. Neither the governmental administration of Gujarat state nor of Andhra Pradesh thinks about the welfare of these workers or about their plight. The governmental apathy is callous and inhuman. Now since the arrest of 21 fish workers of AP by Pakistan came in the media and the stories of their plight have appeared in media, AP government started pretending as 4 all workers and should also be linked to minimum wages in the states! 7. In cases of accidents at work place, since these are all cases of wilful negligence, cases under non-bailable sections should be lodged against the employers. Punitive action should also be taken against concerned factory inspectors. There should be compulsory jail term apart from fines for the guilty employers! 8. Stop contractualization of jobs outsourcing and temporary appointments and regularize all contract and outsourced workers. Equal pay benefits and allowances must be implemented for equal work. Scrap Fixed Term Employment! 9. Remove ceiling on payment on eligibility and payment of bonus, PF and increase quantum of gratuity! 10. Ensure universal ESI coverage and PF facilities! 11. Withdraw new pension scheme for govt employees! 12. Implement reservation in the private sector jobs! 13. Stop state sponsored attacks on minorities, Dalits and other sections, Ensure punishment to the guilty Stop false encounters! 14. Scrap UAPA and other repressive laws. Release all if it would take-care of the welfare of fish-workmen migrated to Gujarat. Although thousands of fish-workers migrated and working in inhuman conditions for the past 2 decades viz from 1998, the AP government had not taken any action to the protection of the welfare of those migrants fish workers. Now the AP state government hurriedly announced that it is deputing a committee to study the prevailing condition of Telugu fishermen who migrated to Gujarat and frame recommendations to falsely arrested civil rights activists and trade union leaders booked under such charges! 15. Stop FDL and revoke FDI in retail, railways and defence! 16. Stop disinvestment of public sector undertakings. Revoke mergers of public sector banks! 17. Compulsory registration of trade union within 45 days of submission of application! 18. Compulsory registration of all construction workers, issuing of safety kit to each registered worker, Rs.10 lakh for each case of death in accidents Separate labour machinery to deal with the registration and claims of these worker in a time bound manner! 19. The new governments in Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh under the Congress party should repeal the anti-worker amendments in labour laws brought in by the previous BJP governments! Support the struggles of Adivasis for the rights on forests and for land! Support the struggles of peasants and agriculturists for land & for remunerative prices for their produces! Implement Swaminathan Commission recommendations! ™ relocate them. With an object of hood-winking the people and fishermen community who are eagerly waiting for the release of arrested fishermen by Pakistan. This is the usual trick played by the rulers-instituting committes/commi- ssions, to avoid the ire of people. It appears that it would take at least 8 months of time for the release of the arrested fish-workers. The worker’s movement shall make sincere efforts to protect the interests of the migrated workers treated like bonded labourers! ™ Class Struggle