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Call All India Federation of Trade Unions (New) (AIFTU-N) Ensure Success of All India Strike on 8th and 9th Jan. 2019 for Defence of Workers Jobs & Rights Intensify Struggles against Central Govt’s Pro-imperialist- Anti Worker and Divisive Policies Comrades, Since the assumption to power by the BJP at the centre in 2014 the attacks on the working class have intensified and it is becoming more and more challenging today to retain our jobs and our hard won wages and rights. In the last four and a half years there have been many workers struggles at the local levels in the country in defence of their rights and for better conditions of life. There have been sectoral struggles in this period and in the past three years two one-day general strikes were organised on a charter of demands touching the issues of all sections of workers. But the Modi sarkar under the facade of achhe din to the common people continues to put to affect its anti- worker policies which are in essence pro-big business. Ease of doing Business is more “achhe din” for the corporate and foreign capital and not for the workers at large. The various anti-worker policies-from making changes in the existing labour laws to the fixed term employment contract to all sectors’ are being pushed through aggressively by the Central Govt of RSS-BJP. While it is a known fact that existing labour laws are rarely implemented, the government at the centre had been making serious attempts to make amendments in these laws in favour of the managements. It has codified the 44 labour laws in to four codes. The BJP ruled states, starting from Rajasthan, have already made changes in the contract labour in January - 2019 the Industrial Disputes Act etc effectively putting out a large mass of workers outside the purview of benefits under the laws on the one hand and giving a free hand to the managements to hire and fire. The policies of the government have further hit hard on regular employment and the process of contractorisation has intensified. The Constitutional principal of equal pay for equal work, reiterated by the Supreme Court recently is brazenly violated by the managements of both public and private sectors with contract workers subjected to wage and other discriminations. Added to this, through an executive order in 2018, it extended fixed term employment contract that was restricted only to the apparel industry to all sectors of industry and services. This was in order to facilitate “ease of doing business”. The Modi government made tall claims of providing 2 crore jobs per year while the reality is that job losses are on the rise. The MV Amendment Act passed in the Lok Sabha in 2016 was aimed at privatising road transport in favour of the corporate that would displace thousands of small transporters. There are workers who are denied even the status of worker e.g AASHA workers, sanitary workers and other scheme workers. Despite the Supreme Court rulings, all state Governments continue to sit on astronomical amounts collected as construction cess and continue to create new complications in the construction worker’s access to this money which is meant only for their welfare. The Supreme Court observed that huge amounts under the cess meant for welfare of construction workers are frittered away and BOC Act is flouted with impunity. Throughout the country, the right to life of workers becomes more expendable as seen in the rise of so-called accidents at work place. Labour law enforcement staff is cut down and safety measures are not enforced both in public and private sectors. Statutory rights of Minimum wages, ESI and PF are also violated and accessed by a diminishing number. The Central Govt on its part is divesting public sector built with public money and also allowing 100 % foreign investment in several sectors. Railways, defence and other key public sector industries have been completely opened to foreign and local corporate players. The people of this country had experienced the adverse effects of demonetization and GST. This government is unleashing all-round attacks on the people. The Central Govt, stands for and backs attacks on people on cast and communal lines to push through its anti-national, pro Corporate policies. Patriarchal norms are upheld as are lynchings, mob killings to advocate upper caste chauvinism. Let us never forget, that the first victim, Mohd Aqlakh, was also an ex contract worker at an MNC in Noida (UP). We are also witnesses to the various forms of state terror on people’s movements as seen in Thoothukudi killing. 3