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Founder Editor KANU SANYAL Editor-in-Chief VISWAM Editorial Board P.Jaswantha Rao Arvind Sinha Madhu Shambhu Mahato Nand Kishore Singh Vol. 11, Issue : 1 January 2019 e-mail: clastrugle@yahoo.co.in Web site: www.classstruggle.in On Others Pages: 1. Statement: - AIFTU (N) 3 2. World Affairs: - Peru Communist Party 5 - US - World Hegemony 8 3. Commentary : - Golden Rice 10 4. Political & Economic Notes: - Drought 7 - Farse of CSR 13 - Kashmir Bleeds 14 - Snooping on People 15 - Communal Forces’ attack 16 5. Labour File: - Rat-Hole Mining 17 - Workers of Samsung 18 - AP Fishing workers 19 - Unrest at Noida 20 Contribution: Single Copy- Rs. 15/- Yearly - Rs. 150/- P.Jaswantha Rao Editor 32-13-26/1, B.M.R.Road M.R.Puram Vijayawada-520 010 2 60 per cent of population, the proposed reservation through constitutional amendment is only meant to create illusions among the youth and further polarize them on caste basis. It is clear that whichever party may come to power in the coming elections, it is not going to address the root cause of agrarian crisis and unemployment, but seeks to treat symptoms rather than deep seated malaise. The Congress and some left parties described BJP rule as communal fascism in order to rally progressive forces around them. It is to be noted here that the Congress, true to its class nature avoided discussion on how the raking up of communal hatreds and brutal suppression of peoples agitations served the interests of imperialism, big bourgeoisie. The Congress leader Rahul Gandhi is visiting every temple to appease the Hindu voters. It vociferously condemned the corruption of BJP rule while white washing the same during its rule. The ruling class parties are not secular and democratic. They have nothing to differ among themselves on the question of serving the interests of imperialism, big bourgeoisie and big landlords and in using every opportunity to divide and divert the people on caste, religion and regional basis and trampling the democratic rights of people and suppressing them. The BJP adopted these methods nakedly, while the Congress adopted subtle methods. The fascist type of rule is going on throughout the last six decades whichever section of the ruling class representatives were in power. It is strange some of the Communist revolutionary organizations fall prey to the slogan and propaganda of a section of ruling classes aimed at excluding themselves from the target of peoples anger. This only helps to replace one section by another section of ruling classes. It is not going to help the fight against divisive and diversionist policies of the ruling classes and the problem of communalism, brutal suppression of people and trampling of democratic rights. It is the duty of the democratic, patriotic and revolutionary forces and organizations to expose both the naked and disguised methods of raking up communalism by the ruling class parties. They must recognize that fighting against communalism means fighting against injustice and inequality and fighting for the protection of democratic rights of the people to whatever religion, gender, region and caste they may belongs to. To wage such a struggle the people have to be organized into their class organizations. It is the class struggle that raised the peoples consciousness to such a high level that they do not fall prey to divisive politics of communalism. History has irrefutably proved this fact several times. ™ contd from page 7 the burden on the state governments to provide drought relief: “A memorandum for assitance under the National Disaster Response Fund (NDRF) will be submitted within a week of the declaration of drought only if the calamity is of severe nature”, reads the new manual. The indices for declaring severe drought are so strict that such drought will occur only once in 20 years. Thus the states has to struggle with recurring droughts with their meagre finances and the peoples sufferings will increase manyfold. Some of the severe drought years in the country were 1966, 1972, 1979, 1987, 2002, 2014 and 2015. If the criteria mentioned in the new manual are applied to these past drought years, except two years all aothers would not be classified as severe drount years. This is how the the government has resolved the problem of drought. Class Struggle