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Capitalism The Blood Sucker of the Working Class To state that capitalism and particularly the neo-liberal capitalism of imperialist globalisation thrives by sucking the blood of the working- class in its pursuit of super-profits cannot be an exaggeration but an irrefutable reality. Very recently an example of how the transnational corporations of big capital have been sacrificing the blood and lives of the working- class at their altar of capitalist production for gaining super-profits exposing their inhuman class- nature. Samsung Electronics is the world’s biggest mobile phone manufacturer and chip-maker and the flag-ship subsidiary of the Samsung group by far the biggest of the family-controlled conglomerates that dominate the South-Korean economy. Currently Samsung operates vast semi-conductor compounds in Suwon as well as the cities of Hwaseong and Pyeongtack, south of Seol as well Xian in China. The workers in these semi- conductor and LED factories have been complaining for more than a decade that they are suffering with serious illnesses such as cancer of 16 types and other rare-illnesses such as miscarriages and congenital diseases are suffered by their children. Workers have been working in those factories as far back as 1984. The former workers at the semi-conductor and display factories in Suwon and their families have been complaining that the staff had been diagnosed or died of various forms of cancer. But the company refused such claims of health-hazard at its plants evading its responsibility and liability 18 for the illness of the workers and their deaths. However a father of work- women, who died of leukaemia in 2007, has raised a dispute against Samsung in various courts. A series of rulings and decisions by courts and with the intervention of Seoul’s state labour welfare agency and a mediation committee followed over for more than 10 years culminating in Samsung management reaching in to a formal settlement agreement, for paying the disabled ex-employees with compensation. According to the agreement Samsung Electronics will pay the group’s employees compensation up to 150 million won ($ 133,000) per each case. It covers 16 types of cancer, some other illnesses, miscarriages and congenital diseases suffered by the worker’s children. It is estimated that more than 240 people have suffered from work-related illnesses after being employed at Samsung semi- conductor and display factories. At last the Samsung manage ment had to admit that it had failed to properly manage health-risks at its semi-conductor and LCD factories. Since it is caught of its crime of culpable and callous negligence of not protecting the health of its workers from work-related perils and health-hazards, pretending as a ‘gentle-man’ now after more than 10 years announces that “we sincerely apologise to the workers who suffered from illness and their families”. But this apology is not at all a solace for the families of the victim workers and not enough a compen sation to heal all the insults, the pain of industrial injuries and the suffering of losing one’s family as has been stated by the father of diseased work-women. More than 80 young women workers were suffering with cancer and dying. The apology of Samsung management cannot be considered to be a sincere and honest one, but a mere gesture to hood-wink the world and eye-wash the workers in an attempt to absolve from its heinous crime against workers in a bid to cover-up its inhuman blood sucking exploitation of workers to gain super-profits. Even now the management had not announced that it would take immediate necessary steps to protect its workers from the health- hazards and work-related health perils. Thus it intends to play the same game and when again caught up intends to re-enact the same drama with payment of some compensation or other which is cheaper than creating a safe and healthy work-place environment to workers and maintaining it. Such is the Dracula nature of capitalist industrial production at the cost of lives of the workers and the working-class. While such has been the evil capitalist system how any same person could claim that there is no alternative for this despicable and monstrous capitalist system for the well-being of humanity? The working class shall understand this cruel class-nature of ruthless exploitation of labour power of working-class for the benefit of few big-capitalists and must resolve to fight out and root- out the very capitalist system and establish a socialist system of no exploitation and inequalities! ™ Class Struggle