--classstrugggle-flipmag CS Jan-2019 MKP - Page 16

Yet another Ghastly Killing of Hindutva Fascist Mobs Since the BJP came to power at the cetre in 2014, the prowling peril of Hindutva fascist groups has been increasing very rapidly. Particularly in the states of the B.J.P. rule these Hindutva fascist attacks, lynchings and killings have been increasing dangerously terrorising the society with impunity with the indirect support of B.J.P. rulers. In the guise of cow-protectors vigilantes have been playing havoc and tearing the social fabric in to shreds by stocking communal and religious hatred. These Hindutva fascist forces impress that life of a cow is more important than the life of human-beings. By preaching the so-called sacredness of the cow these fascist Hindutva mobs are inflicting violence against those whom they choose to be their opponents. V.H.P, Bajrang dal, Ram sena, Hindu yuva vahini and some other groups are creating terror by their lynching and killings of people and the B.J.P in governmental power is patronising them. The states and the police that ruthlessly oppress people who protest peacefully to put forward their just demands, on the pretext of maintaining law and order, the police who kill people in fake encounters and the police who fire against protesting youth in J&K state on the ruse that they are throwing stones on them with excessive zeal too seem to be powerless against these Hindutva fascist mobs, who even attack them and kill them. On December 3, in U.P.state, in Bulandsahar district, at Siyana 16 village the unbridled Hindutva communal mob attacked a police station shot dead the station house officer Subodh kumar singh and a youth and burnt police vehicles. The mob instigated by Bajarang dal had practically hunted the S.H.O. The inspector was not only shot in the head, he was even targeted with stones. The killed SHO had been the investigating officer in the shocking Aklag murder by local Hindutva gangs of Bajarang dal and other Hindutva outfits in 2015. It is apparent that the Hindutva mobs have taken against the killed SHO, in the present vandalism and killing of the SHO. But the Chief Minister of U.P. coolly declares that it was a mere ‘accident’. The police boss of UP diverts the attention from this ghastly act by calling it a “conspiracy” (against Hindutva groups) and it had to be investigated. Thus the rulers and police bosses who always speak about keeping up the ‘police morale’, this time have chosen to be on the side of Hindutva fascist mobs, abandoning the victim police personal, exposing their true class- nature that police are their servants that need not have any morale, when it comes to the interests of the ruling party in governmental power. Evidence clearly indicates that a couple of days before inspector Singh was killed during the mob violence, local BJP leaders had demanded his transfer after accusing him of creating obstacles for religious functions and that his behaviour caused resentment in the Hindu community. Local Bajarang dal convenor Yogeshraj Singh, a known communal trouble maker is allowed to escape without arrest. The rioters who killed the SHO had even filmed the scene of their vandalism and gruesome killing. The 25-year old Yogeshraj, convenor of Bajarang dal not boasted on Face book about his “Hindugiri” and boldly posted videoes exonerating themselves and blaming the police officer whom they killed. The BJP, MPs have lost no time defending the mob, pointing out that the SHO put too many obstacles to Hindu celebrations there by ‘hurting Hindu sentiments’ and justified the killing of the SHO. Thus the BJP rulers have been not only supporting these Hindutva fascist mobs but also have been inducing and abetting them indirectly to strike their opponents. No doubt this time it was a police officer who is not in good- book of people due to his usual nature to be against people that has been striking. But this cannot be allowed or accepted by keeping silent meekly over the incident. This incident exposes the brazenness of the Hindutva fascist forces and peril involved to the people at large. The society shall not only condemn these fascist attacks and killings of Hindutva mobs but also prepare, unitedly for self-protection. People shall always be vigilant against these fascist attacks and be prepared to meet the peril in a fitting way! ™ Class Struggle