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Engineering (MADGE) points out that, at this rate of degradation, “75 days after harvest a person would need to eat 31 kg to get the same amount as in a handful of fresh parsley, as Vitamin A degrades in storage.” They further state that “one carrot has the same amount of vitamin A found in nearly 4kg of cooked GM golden rice.” Perhaps this is the reason why, from being the solution to VAD that saves millions of lives in the 2000s, the proponents are now stating that Golden Rice is “just one among many solutions” to VAD. And it brought back the key question - do we really need Golden Rice to fight Vitamin A Deficiency? A clear no. Golden Rice, a false saviour The delay of the commercia- lization of Golden Rice, and the ‘lacklustre acceptance’ of the public is due to the inherent flaws and failures of both the technology and the product itself. Golden Rice is going to be useless and unlikely to achieve its objective of helping to solve VAD if its beta-carotene is consistently low, and even prone to degradation. Yields have been consistently low, indicating that farmers might suffer economically if they choose to plant Golden Rice. Meanwhile, Golden Rice will allow corporations to set their foot at the door of our agriculture and introduce more genetically modified food crops. Pro-Golden Rice groups have always been accusing Golden Rice detractors, blaming them as responsible for the death of millions of children suffering from VAD. But, who is really committing the crime? While these pro-GR groups keep tagging the Golden Rice detractors as ‘vandals’, they also continue to take for granted the realities of hunger that these farmers and the Asian peoples are experiencing on a daily basis. Our countries are blessed with bountiful resources to feed our population, but poverty and social inequalities January - 2019 stop people from procuring safe and nutritious food. Golden Rice will never solve VAD and will only strengthen the status quo, benefiting only those interested in controlling our nations’ agricultural sector, the finance capital of imperialist countries. In fact, this can turn into a situation where the ‘medicine’ is worse than the illness it intends to cure. Courtesy : The Grain ™ THE FARCE OF CSR! According to the Companies Act 2013, certain class of companies need to spend at least 2% of the average net profit towards corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities and make mandatory disclosures about their spending. This is supposed to be the object of building an enduring organisation of corporates as the trustees of society’s wealth”. With such high-sounding lofty slogans the corporate world as well as the rulers who have been sub- servient to the big-capital have been hood-winking the people, covering up the colossal loot of the wealth from India of the imperialist transnational corporations and making the people to believe that the corporates and big-business organisations take up the social responsibility of the well-being of people. However a recent study for the year 2015-2017 about the CSR practice in India had shattered the myth propagated by the vested interests and the powers that be about the virtues of CSR and corporate governance. The business school of Thomas Schmidheiny centre conducted the study about CSR spending in India and revealed that the CSR activities of business firms are nominal and ineffectual. According to its study report only 50% of the family firms have met their CSR obligations to the prescribed amount only 45.1% of non family firms have contributed to CSR where as mere 31.7% is contributed by the state enterprises. Even these CSR spendings lack transparency and strong governance mechanisms. Another study revealed even in this meagre-spending on CSR activities by the business firms, most of the amounts spent in the name of CSR were in the form of donations to the ruling-class political parties. In other words the ‘CSR activities’ conducted by the business firms has nothing to do with the society or its real requirements. In effect the CSR is proved to be a farce that has nothing to do about bringing about well-being in the society and that trusty-ship of society’s wealth is a myth created by the neo-liberal capitalist economy, which is purposefully intended to hood-wink people of the world to create a good-will to the corporations of big-capital that loot the entire- world and the capitalist system that approves, justifies and protects the exploitation and loot of the capital and its rule over the globe. This shall open the eyes of those who have illusions about the virtues of capitalist system! ™ C.P.I(ML) Publication Centenary of Great October Socialist Revolution Seminar Papers For Details: P.Jaswantha Rao, Secretary, T.N.Memorial Trust, 32-13-26/1, M.R.Puram, Vijayawada, pin-520 010. 13