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Kartarpur Corridor – A Welcome Move True; Kartarpur Corridor project is aimed at removing the hurdles and pave the way for the Sikh pilgrims to visit a historic and much revered Gurdwara shrine situated in Pakistan. At the same time, it also opens up the lid on the feelings of oneness strong among the Sikh people in India as well as Pakistan. How and where the idea of corridor had originated was made a point of debate in India. Yet, it remains a fact that Sikh people in India as well as Pakistan had been demanding for several decades for this corridor. The building of the corridor will cut down the distance between Dera Baba Nanak – 2 km inside India (Gurudaspur) and Kartarpur shrine in Pakistan [ where, it is believed, the last Guru Nanak stayed for 18 years and ended his life in 1539] from 200 km to 6 km. Only in August 2018, on the eve of Pakistan new PM Imran Khan’s oath taking ceremony, Pakistan’s Army Chief Qamar Bajwa informed Navjot Sidhu, a Minister of Punjab (India) the decision of Pakistan Govt. to build the Kartarpur corridor. The Pakistan Govt. proposes to complete and inaugurate the corridor on November 23, 2019 – 550th Birth Anniversary of Guru Nanak. The construction includes a boarding terminal from where the shrine buses will run to Kartarpur shrine, and an 800 meter – long bridge over the Ravi. There will also be temporary accommodation and tents for pilgrims, who will require special permits, but no visas. Every one knows that the relations between India and Pakistan are not normal for several years. Tensions and clashes are continuous and unending on the themselves seeking to resolve J the disputes amicably through domination in Asia and Asia-Pacific region, we can see an increased involvement of India in Afghanistan. The growing relations of Pakistani- a traditional US ally- with China – a US foe – may reflect in the relations between the US, Pakistan and India. Yet, we must be clear that the US relations with Pakistan and India basically remain in the nature of relations between an imperialist big power and subservient powers. Making use of subservient powers as well as the contradictions among the subservient powers in the interests of their own imperialist strategy for domination will be a continuing factor. Common interests of Pakistani and Indian people demand that they must resolve the problems among themselves must not allow the imperialist intervention and forge unity in the struggle against imperialism and the politics of domination. ™ negotiations. The imperialists, especially the US, made a big business of weapons with both countries. They had developed their own vested interests in the perpetuation of the conflict and bad blood between Pakistan and India. They used their hold on Pakistan freely in support of their war against Afghanistan. They used the so called “security aid” to reduce the Pakistani leaders into their mercenaries and commission agents. The entire world knows that the imperialists themselves had created the ghost of Osama Bin Laden, used it when ever and to whatever extent they found useful and dismantled it once the purpose was over. In the conditions when an US led alliance of US - Japan – Australia and India had come up as part of the US strategy for December - 2018 borders. The Indian Govt. alleges that Pakistan shelters prominent terrorists who had committed serious crimes in India. Pakistan equips and sends the Islamic terrorists to India to strike terror and create anarchy. The Indian Govt. led by BJP had closed various avenues and channels of interaction and dialogue with Pakistan and maintains that the relations cannot improve unless and until Pakistan stops patronizing the terrorists. Pakistan’s approval of Kartarpur corridor proposal came as disturbing news for Indian rulers. The proposal has evoked a lot of joy and enthusiasm among the Sikh population because it was their long cherished dream. The Indian rulers know that any outright or crude rejection of the proposal is sure to invite anger and protest from the Sikh population in India. So, they thought it advisable to accept the proposal. At the same time, the Indian rulers do not want to give the impression that Kartarpur corridor is a move towards improving the relations between India and Pakistan as they are in need of playing the card of national chauvinism. Keeping the fire of anti-Pakistaism burning is very much essential for this. So, the Indian Govt. has decided to co- operate with the corridor project while delinking it with India-Pakistan relations, so that the tensions and hostilities between the two countries can be continued as usual. The present Pakistan Govt. seems to view the Kartarpur corridor as a part of a compre- hensive move to improve the relations between India and Pakistan and, if possible, attempt to resolve the problems. It can be a part of peace offensive diplomatically on their part. 5