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World Affairs: Foil Imperialist Conspiracy Seventy Leaders including Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin met on November 11, 2018 in Paris to mark the Centenary of the Armistice of First World War. They sat together at the Tomb of ‘Unknown Soldier’ at the Arc de Triomphe for a memorial. The programme included the playing of classical music and the reading aloud of letters of soldiers who died in this war. A statue commemorating the role of Indian soldiers in the First World War was unveiled in the town of Laventie in France. This statue is the first of 57 similar statues planned to be unveiled around France where the soldiers died in the war were buried. The program was concluded with a bugle call signaling the end of War. The leaders of Common Wealth – whose forces fought under the British command 100 years ago – also sounded a message of peace and hope for the World. Ceremonies were also held around the world in Australia, New Zealand, India, Hong Kong, Mayanmar and other Countries. M. Venkaiah Naidu, India’s Vice President unveiled Indian War Memorial at Villers Guishan, 200 km from France. According to Squ Ldr Chhina, the Secretary, Centre For Armed Forces Historical Research at the United Services Institution of India (USI), the USI is on the job of focusing India’s contribution in Wars. As a part of it, it is preparing “battlefield guides” of India’s major wars such as 1857 revolt, Kohima and Anglo – Sikh wars to promote battlefield tourism. Chhina revealed that the “local economy December - 2018 of a number of places in Europe is sustained by battlefield tourism.” As we have commented in the November 2018 issue of The Class Struggle, the First World War was fought between two groups of imperialist powers to decide the question: Who should rule or dominate the world. Millions of people from the colonies were forced to die as sacrificial goats in their predatory war: It is a matter of shame for the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to claim on Twitter that the Indian soldiers fought the First World War “for the cause of peace.” This claim is nothing but a cheating of Indian people. It reveals only the persistence of the mindset of colonial servitude. In his memorial speech on Nov 11, 2018, the French President called his fellow leaders “not to forget the lessons of the past and the hopes of worldwide for peace.” He also said: “Ruining this hope with a fascination for withdrawal, violence or domination would be a mistake for which future genera- tions would rightly find us responsible.” This talk seems as an admission of the fact that the First World War was fought to gain domination over the world. If this admission means a realization of the great crime of waging a devastating war 100 years back, they must at the minimum seek an apology of world people for the same. But the imperialist powers are now celebrating the war as a great historic event and eulogizing those who fought and died for them in the war as great heroes and sacrifices. Through celebrations, they, in reality, are keeping alive their colonial bondage with the people of their erstwhile colonies. They are spreading a monumental lie that dyeing in the service of colonial and imperialist masters is a matter of honor and pride. The words like peace coming from the mouths of imperialist masters sound like sermons of demons. These imperialist powers have not abandoned nor can be expected to abandon their imperialist nature. They pursue their interests in the changed conditions as well as in accordance with their changed positions in the world. In the changed balance of powers today and in the present competition between the imperialist powers, the old colonial powers like Britain and France occupy a secondary position. New actors like US and Russia have come to the fore with capabilities and designs to compete for world domination. So, while chanting sermons of peace, against the politics of world domination, the imperialist powers of Europe – separately as well as in combination compete for a better share in the control of the loot of world resources. The imperialist powers today are engaged in a massive and worldwide gamble against the people; conspiracy to distort the history and to wipe out the real history of people where the people had shed their blood, and shown great valour and sacrifice in the struggle against colonialism, imperialism, feudalism and reaction. In the face of this situation, it is the task of working class, oppressed nations and people in the world to rise in an unrelenting united struggle to foil them. ™ 3