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Report from Jharkhand Dharna on Problems Four Marxist Leninist Parties, namely CPI (ML), PCC, CPI(ML)ND and CPI(ML) RS successfully held a one day dharna and meeting on Nov 19, 2018 in front of Raj Bhavan in Ranchi, Jharkhand. The activists from different areas of Jharkhand have taken part in the dharna and meeting. The red flags fluttering at the venue of dharna and the revolutionary songs had provided an inspiring back drop for the programme. The Samanvay Committee of four parties has organized the dharna and meeting to oppose the communal fascist forces, the general land acquisitions; violation of promises by the rulers to the people; suppression of workers and peasants and for the return of lands grabbed from the people; land reforms and the rights of people. Com. Shambhu Mahato, Com. D.C. Gohai, Com. Vyas Tiwari and Com. Vasisht Tiwari have presided over the meeting. Besides the comrades of Presidium, many other comrades also have addressed the meeting. They include Siya Sharan Sharma, Sagar Behera, Goutam Bose, Birsa Hembrum, Mangal Marandi, Jasna Kachhap, Raj Marandi, Shankar Naik and others. They explained six points of an Appeal to the Governor. They expressed anger at the communal hatreds that are sought to be aroused in Jharkhand as well as the entire country by the forces of Hindutva. They have pointed how these forces are pushing the country’s unity to a dangerous brink and turning the idea of patriotism into communal chauvinism. They have explained that the corporate forces and communal fascist forces are helping each other. 24 Mad hunger of the foreign and Indian big corporates for super profits is at the root of economic crisis plaguing our country. Today, while the MNCs and Indian Corporate Houses are earning super profits by looting our people, the vast masses of common people are weighed by ever growing unemployment and ruined by popularization. Most of the parliamentary parties, ruling as well as the opposition parties, conspicuously, never debate the economic and political policies of the country. It is only because they have nothing to differ on these policies. But, in reality, the roots of the crisis faced by our country are right in these policies. These election – oriented parties seemingly criticize each other. But, at the same time, they are feeding the common people with false promises of a better future. We must, therefore, strive to make the people conscious by bringing the policies of ruling classes into wide debate. The meeting ended with revolutionary songs. Later, the comrades of Pre- sidium went the State Governor in a delegation and presented an appeal signed by the leaders of four Organizations. ™ Homage to Martyrs On October 1, 2018 Karnapur Bachao Sangharsh Samithi, Badkagaon, Hazaribagh Chatra Latehar, Jharkhand held a meeting at Dadikala Maidan to pay homage to four young boys who became martyrs in a police firing on October 1, 2016. For long, the people of Karnapur area had been opposing the grabbing of land and loot of mineral wealth by the big companies. As part of this, the students, youth and general mass of people had come out into the streets on October 1, 2016. They raised the slogans like Jal, Jangal, Jameen and mineral wealth belongs to the people; oppose their loot by big companies. However, the police, in collusion with the management of NTPC and local administration chose to rain the bullets on the peaceful protesters. Consequently, four young boys, namely Mehatab Alam, Ranjan Kumar Das, Pavan Kumar Sav and Abhishek Roy had become martyrs. Many were seriously wounded. Two years are over. But no action was taken by the company or the govt. against the killers. Killings and repression continued unabated against the people in Karnapur and Jharkhand under the BJP led govt. Karnapur Bachao Sangharsh Samithi has, therefore, decided to intensify the protest in defense of people’s rights and against the suppressive policies of the govt. The meeting to pay homage to the martyrs is only a part of this effort. Prominent protesters and leaders from different areas as well as people of Karnapur have participated in good number in this meeting. The speakers paid rich homage to 2016 Martyrs. They demanded capital punishment to the murderers of protesters. They pointed out the need to further intensify and strengthen the protest movement in defense of the people’s rights. They said that it alone can be a best homage to the 2016 Martyrs. The people went back with enhanced spirit of struggle and determination. ™ Class Struggle