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Odisha Birth Anniversary of Shaheed Birsa Munda On November 25 th , 2018, the Chasi Muliya Sangh, Odisha and Area Shramajeevi Sangh together Organized a meeting to comme- morate the birth anniversary of Birsa Munda at Birsapadia, Keonjhar district, Odisha. Shaheed Birsa Munda (1875- 1900) is a shining symbol of adivasi struggle against the British Colonial rule in India. His Hool gula reverberated in the jungles and mountains of Chota Nagpur region. It moved thousands of adivasi people into an armed rebellion. He led the adivasi people into action in defense of their rights over the lands and forest. It began as a struggle against the local exploiters and developed into a historic armed rebellion against the British imperialism. Birsa Munda had emerged as a most popular leader among the people of various tribes like Munda, Bhua, Oran, Santhal and Juan. The British colonial rulers had taken away the rights traditionally enjoyed by the adivasis in tribal areas. They had turned the adivasis into wage labor in their own lands. The British colonial rulers had promoted a kind of landlordism and intensified the exploitation and oppression of adivasi people. This had become a potential cause for the rise of adivasi revolts in India. The British colonialists were terrified by the sweep of adivasi rebellion led by Birsa Munda in Chota Nagpur region. They sought to crush it with heavy hand. Finally, they succeeded in arresting and imprisoning Birsa Munda in Ranchi jail where he became a Martyr. At that time, he was just of 25 years age. Having brutally suppressed the adivasi revolts, the British colonial rulers enacted certain laws in the name of protecting the rights of adivasis. In reality, these were only aimed at lulling and pacifying the adivasi people. December - 2018 More than 200 people from different villages have attended the birth anniversary meeting of Birsa Munda. Com. Srikant Mohanty, the president, CMS, Odisha, Com. Basu Dev Dash state leader, CMS, Odisha, Com. Ramesh, leader, Shramajeevi Sangh, Keonjhar and other comrades have addressed the people. They explained: The struggle led Birsa Munda is still significant and relevant as the Indian rulers, who stepped into the shoes of British colonialists, continue to pursue anti-adivasi and pro-feudal and pro-imperialist policies. The Indian rulers are on the spree of taking away one adivasi right after other. Most of the land in adivasi areas now is controlled by the non-adivasi landlords. Already, the adivasis were massively dispossed and deprived from the rights over the lands, forests, mineral and natural resources in the name of mining, factories or abhayaranya and the like and they were placed in the hands of foreign and Indian corporate Houses. So, adivasi people in several areas are forced to take the road of protest. The protest movements like Kalinganagar and Kashipur in Odisha had come up only in this wake. The struggles in other parts to defend the rights of adivasis over lands, water, mineral and other natural resources are only a part of this. There is every need to further strengthen these struggles and make them as an inseparable part of the struggle of the workers, peasants and other exploited classes and people to end the feudal and imperialist exploitation and oppression and herald a new democratic society in our Country. Let the rebellion and martyrdom of Birsa Munda inspire us to rededi- cate ourselves to these aims with more vigor and determination. ™ Condemn the Arrest of Foreign Journalist The BhadradriKothagudem Police has foisted a case on Weidman Joerg, a German citizen and an accredited journalist for alleged violation of election rules. GummadiNarsaiah, candidate of the CPI(ML-New Democracy) in Yellendu constituency, Aruna,Election Agent and Pradeep,IFTU Gen.Secy. have been implicated in this case.The facts are as follows: Joerg, who represents the German paper, Rote Fahn had come to India on a conference VISA to attend a programme in Bangalore organised by the CPI (ML) Red Flag. He planned to visit to Yellandu to cover the election rally and meeting on 2.12.2018. I took him to Yellandu on 2-12-2018 for the said purpose. He took photographs of the rally and the public meeting for publication in the said German Paper. His coverage of the programme does not constitute any offence under the election code and the police story that he participated in the election campaign of CPI (ML) ND in Yellandu in violation of the election code is entirely false and is motivated. The police wanted the details of his passport and VISA details which he sent to the concerned via whatsapp. Yet the police has implicated him and others in a false case of violation of election rules. The National Committee of IFTU condemns the foisting of this false case and demands its withdrawal. 04-12-2018 B.Pradeep (General Secretary) 23