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said a small percentage of them got their loans waived off and purchases at MSP were negligible. Small and medium farmers are not aware of prime minister’s crop insurance scheme. Even the big farmers say the insurance companies are denying payment even though the crops were completely damaged. “The government is benefiting the private insurance Founder Editor companies in the name of crop insurance”, they echoed in unison. KANU SANYAL Typically, these palliative measures are not reaching the peasants who are in dire need of it as only 15 per cent of them have access to Editor-in-Chief the institutional loans and had to depend upon the private money VISWAM lenders. Same is the case with MSP. By the time the state procurement agencies start their operations, the harvest season coming to its end Editorial Board and the peasants are left to sell their produce at depressed rates. P.Jaswantha Rao These schemes are mainly benefiting the landlord sections and augmenting their financial strength. Arvind Sinha The political leaders often talks about the young India or millennial Madhu generation as the strength of the country. Yet they failed to generate Shambhu Mahato the employment opportunities for the youth and their creative labour Nand Kishore Singh is getting wasted. The ruling classes are using caste based reservation to divide and divert the youth. On one side, the ruling parties are Vol. 10, Issue : 12 December 2018 encouraging the demands for inclusion of one caste or other in e-mail: clastrugle@yahoo.co.in reservation category while at the same time privatising the education Web site: www.classstruggle.in thus reducing the job in the government sector to a miniscule. As the Central Committee called upon the people in the statement On Others Pages: on elections: 1. World Affairs: “The successive governments in these states have been - WWI-Foil Imperialist Conspiracy 3 implementing fascist type of repression. For BJP and its mentor RSS - US-Pakistan Relations 4 Hindutwa has become a pet slogan to push through the divide and - Katarpur Corridor 5 rule policy by raking up communal, caste and regional hatreds among - France-Mass Strikes 7 the people. They are attempting to lull the anger of people with - Japan Opens Door to Workers 13 palliative measures. But they are committed to protect and continue 2. From the Pages of History: the present socio-economic and political system. - National movement and The backwardness of the Indian economy and consequent poverty and misery of people are the result of continuing semi-feudal and Indian Armed Forces 8 semi-colonial nature of our society. Unless and until this system is 3. Communalism : changed to establish a democratic society, there would not be any - On Rampage in Tripura 14 development in the lives of the people. We call upon the people to - Myth as Science 15 unite and struggle against the continuing oppression of semi-feudal - Attacks on Christians 16 relations and the exploitation and domination of imperialism.” ™ 4. Political & Economic Notes: - J&J Harming Patients - IL&FS - CBI - Tribal Undertrials 5. Reports: - Odisha - Jharkhand 17 20 21 22 23 24 CPI(ML) PUBLICATION National Seminar on chalenges Faced by the Forces Struggling to Change the Present System in India Contribution: Single Copy- Rs. 15/- Yearly - Rs. 150/- P.Jaswantha Rao Editor 32-13-26/1, B.M.R.Road M.R.Puram Vijayawada-520 010 2 For Copies: Price: Rs.60/- P.Jaswantha Rao, 32-13-26/1, M.R.Puram, Vijayawada, pin-520 010. Class Struggle