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hip-implants causing them grievous pain, suffering and injury. It had shut-down its ASR helpline in 2017. It had reached only 275 patients in India out of 4,500 patients implanted with its faulty ASR hip- implants; and has fanded for their revision surgeries. But it has not paid compensation even to a single patient. Moreover it has been arguing that it has been unable to reach the patients since their information has not been provided to it by the joint registry of hip-implantation established by the Indian Society of Hip and Knee Surgeons (ISHKS). Such an argument is not maintainable and holds no water since it can obtain the data and trace the patients from the distributors of ASR Hip implants sold by them. The Indian authorities as usual have intentionally failed to challenge the unsubstantiated argument of J&J to the detriment of the interests of the aggrieved patients. Even the medical profe- ssionals who ought to be the gate keepers of health care system had failed to be the guardians of patient’s interest, by remaining silent. All parties concerned the J&J, the regulators, doctors, hospitals and consumer groups have failed in their responsibility to bring justice to the suffering patients. As Mr.Zagde, the erstwhile commissioner of FDA of Maharashtra explains, this sheer negligence of CDSCO the governmental regulator reflects the “deep-seated necrotic rot commandeered by the pharma- ceutical industry” totally controlled by the transnational corporations is correct. While the company has its commercial motive of earning super profits, the doctor were afraid of back-lash that they might had to face if they had willingly revealed that the implant has chosen was a faulty one. The deep routed doctor- December - 2018 pharma nexus, huge kick backs on devices and pharma sponsorship for conferences and seminars had kept the doctors to be silent about the faulty ASR hip-implants of J&J subsidiary making them indifferent to the interests of their patients; Despite over 6000 doctors have discussed widely about the issue during their annual conference of Indian orthopedic Association (IOA) in 2016. The clout of J&J with the Indian rulers and governmental regulatory agencies made them to be knowingly and willfully negligent of their responsibility to bring justice to the aggrieved suffering patients. From the time of Bhopal gas disaster all along the rulers and governments are in active service of the interests of the criminal transnational corporations of imperialism, at the cost of lives of people of India exposing their comprador class nature to their imperialist masters. This has been the root-cause of this necrotic sort comman- deered by the Johnson & Johnson company in pharmaceoutical sector. Serving to the interests of imperialism even at the cost of lives of Indian people has been the class nature inherent in the Indian system. Unless and until this rotted system of governance is uprooted and replaced with a socialist system without exploitation, inequality and private property, it is highly impossible to arrest such loot practiced by the Johnson & Johnson Company on its patients or other imperialist trans-national companies in India for that matter. People of India must be made aware of the machinations and crimes practiced by imperialist transnational companies in looting them besides making them aware and conscious of the very necessity of rooting out the rotted present day system of anti-people interests and establishing a people’s democratic system in our country. This task has to be taken immediately by all whose objective in people’s interests, particularly at the present time where the protection of laws is made more important than the protection of the people and their lives! ™ contd from page 21 hastened depending upon who came to the power at the centre. The demand for a dedicated and impartial agency to investigate the cases of corruption and criminal acts at high level will remain as a pipe dream, given the money power that dictates the policies of the government and political parties. The Lok Pal Bill is one such pipe dream. Every political party pledges to enact the Bill; but it had not come into existence even though political power changed from one set of parties to other. The Supreme Court may decide the legal validity of the action purportedly taken by the central government, but no corrective action would be fruitful in stopping the political influence on CBI as the entire political system has rotten to the core. ™ 19 criticized the CBI for allowing the prime accused, the Jain brothers, to abscond. It is a well known fact that the CBI was ordered by PMO not to press for the extradition of the prime accused in the Bhopal Gas disaster, Warren Anderson. (In fact he was escorted by the Chief Minister of MP to airport to leave the country). The prime accused in the Bofors case was never made to come to India and who finally benefited from the deal was never revealed, all under pressure of Prime minister’s office. The CNI’s role in the escape of Vijay Mallya is well known. The progress of many of cases involving political leaders like fodder scam, St.Kitts etc either slowed down or