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BJP Rule Reverses Education Process into Regression and Myth We are in an epoch where A.I (artificial intelligence) technology is taking precedence over science and technology. Under such circumstances any government will take steps to meet this challenge by advancing our science and technological education process to that end, to prepare the students towards the advancing science and technology. But the rulers of the NDA government ruled by B.J.P, directed by R.S.S. and bigoted communal forces has chosen to reverse the education process in to regression and myth by introducing pseudo science and myth in education in the name of “instilling pride and awareness about India’s fabled past” in to the minds of engineering students through 3,000 technical colleges in India and thus it moots that the “students are not swept off their feet by advancements of science and technology in the west”. On one hand, the NDA rulers make agreements with foreign governments and MNCs in the name of inviting FDI and a flimsy reason. It is undeniable J that AAI had surren-dered to social media targets. The trolls have called him “anti-national” and an “urban Naxal”. But the A.A.P government in Delhi has offered Mr Krishna an alternative venue on the same day in the nation’s capital asserting the democratic ethos. All these incidents warn about the danger of fascistic attacks by Hindut communal forces in numerous forms endangering the entire society and its fabric. These incidents seriously warn about the immediate necessity of a consistent and strong movement that shall appose and defeat these Hindu communal forces at all costs in the interests of the humanity ™ itself! December - 2018 technology in to all sectors of public life including defence sector, the key sector of Indian sovereignty and on the other hand they aggressively attempts their ‘communal agenda’ and to create their type of ‘nationalism’. Thus they are subserving the interests of imperialism at the same time to establish their type of “Hindu nationalist” state in India. In such a bid of implementing their agenda, they made All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE) to approve the introdu- ction of a book called “Bharatiya Vidyasar” (the essence of Indian education) published by Bharatiya Vidyabhavan as a part of syllabus in the technical colleges through- out India under A.I.C.T.E from the next academic year. This book of “vedic science” to be introduced is edited by Dr Sashi Bala. This book is supposed to have been vetted by a committee. This book claims that Rigveda talks accurately of the speed of light and that the veda talks too of the theory of gravitation much before Isaac Newton was born. It also claims that saint Agastya invented the electrolysis to produce Oxygen and Hydrogen from water. It also claims that he was not the only saint in ancient India to be gifted with rare scientific insight. That Rishi Kanad is said to have discussed different types of motion including the laws of motion in “Vaiseshik Sutra” long before the world of science became familiar with them”. The book also claims that “the Vimanika Shastra was written by Rishi Bhardwaja about 5,000 year ago. It is an authoritative text on not just construction of airplanes but also on navigation, aviation fuels and pilot operation”. Dr Shasibala claims that the introduction of such a book is in accordance with the “right to know Indian knowledge systems” and it inculcates “Shastrabuddha” (scientific thought) among the students. But academic community opines that such claims are nothing but “fanciful”. They are demanding that the ‘pseudo scientific’ be withdrawn as reference book. They rightly express their fear that the book would cause teaching misinformation to thousands of students. They call this introduction of the said book in college of technology is nothing but an extension of the attempts to toy with history (by the communal forces). The book will harm future generations confusing them. They also warn that this kind of thing amounts to reversing the education process by producing myth and that it is extremely disastrous pedagogically. They also warn that such an approach towards educa- tional process will only produce morons. As the satirical saying goes ridiculing the orthodox hypocrite Hindu bigots that “everything (every knowledge) is in vedas”, now the aggressive Hindu communalists are completely distorting history, as was done by the Nazism and fascism in Europe, to the narrow political gains of their agenda by chanting false claims in the name of vedas and their so- called supremacy in science. This is a dangerous move that would get the entire nation towards regression by its tomfoolery leading to the ruin of social fabric of India. It is not only the duty of academics but of all the patriotic and progressive forces of this country particularly the progre- ssive students movement to vehemently oppose and fight against these hypocritical, farcical and regressive moves and attempts to push the society in to myth by the bigoted Hindu communal forces under the umbrella of B.J.P’s governmental power! ™ 15