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Communalism : The Hindu Communal Forces on Rampage With governmental rule in the center and some states being in the hands of B.J.P, the rampage of the Hindu communal forces is increasing day by day unchecked and uncontrolled. They are acting with impurity tearing the social fabric of our country into shreds. They have been strangling the secular voices and are pouncing on their opponents stridently with false rides and manufactured false claims. They are waging their fanciful crusades with one and all with unwarranted violence without any regret to humanity. Recently another their act of despicable rampage has come to light in Tripura. The fringe organisation of Hindu communal forces-the viswa sanatan sena- consisting of important leaders of the ruling Bhratiya Janata Party in Tripura on October 5 have demolished a foundation stone laid for the construction of a memorial for Mohini Tripura, a tribal woman of Mata village in South Tripura district who was killed in police firing on March 17, 1967 while agitating for forest rights. She became a symbol of tribal resistance and movement for forest rights. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of her martyrdom, the then chief minister Manik Sarkar of C.P.I(M) laid the foundation stone for the memorial. The scheduled tribes and other traditional forest dwellers’ (Recognition of Forests rights act) 2006, is believed to be the legacy of Mohini Tripura’s courage and sacrifice. The entire area surroun- ding the foundation stone has to be developed in honour of Mohini Tripura. But the Hindu communal forces do not honour and respect the martyrdom of Mohini Tripura or the sentiments of the people. So they 14 have not only chosen to demolish the memorial foundation of Mohini Tripura, but also have chosen to encroach the area on the pretext of constructing a Ram temple in place of the memorial. Accordingly after nine days of demolition of the foundation of the memorial on 14th November Sanatan Sena laid a foundation stone for a Ram temple there. It was Subal Bhowmic, the state vice president of B.J.P that laid the foundation stone for the Ram Mandir. He has the temerity to declare that “I laid the foundation stone for the Ram Mandir, and we will not be stalled from building a Ram Mandir here”. On the other hand the B.J.P has been trying to establish that the Sanatan Sena has nothing to do with their party. They even chose to undermine the sentiments of the adivasis who were crucial in their election winning. A complaint against this rampage was made by CPI(M) leaders with the district magistrate and police in Belonia town. But the goons belonging to BJP and Sanatan Sena prevented the CPI(M) complaints from attending the hearing at sub-divisional magistrate’s office at Belonia and the administration remained as onlookers without protecting them. This is how ‘maintenance of law and order’ is being practiced in the service of ruling party and rulers in governmental power exposing the farcical parliamentary demo- cracy in India; run in the shoes of colonial British rulers. While this is how the Hindu communal forces have been rampant, the other elements of B.J.P’s student organisation ABVP too is playing havoc, not tolerating their dissenters, by defaming anyone who disagree with them. Very recently with the threats of A B V P, the teaching stint of Ramachandra Guha, a Gandhian historian, has been called off in the next year at Ahmadabad university. Thus A B V P had succeeded in scuttled his appointment. In another recent incident Carnatic maestro T.M.Krishna, a Magasaysay awardee being a critic of Narendra Modi government was humiliated by Hindu communal elements. T.M.Krishna insists on connecting his music and his own person to fraught issues of the day, environmental degradation, communalism, free speech, and the entrenched casteism with in carnatic music sphere. He writes excellent dissenting pieces in media. He collaborates with others beyond classical music on protest videos. In his public talks and writing he has drawn attention to the dangers posed by fundamentalism. He abjures Brahminist cocoons of Margazi season. He came out strongly in favour of some carnatic musicians who were targeted on social media for singing Christian compositions, declaring he would do the same and not give in to critics’ diktats. This posture of T.M.Krishna was not at all palpable to the Hindu communal elements and trolls who are well organised, who had earlier hounded T.M.Krishna in the United States. Now they pressurised the Airport Authority of India (A.A.I) a central government (PSU) and made it to capitulate to them and making it cancel the music programme of T.M.Krishna, scheduled to be performed on November 17, at Nehru park, in New Delhi as a part of Spic Macay programme. It is announced that A A I has cancelled the show because of “some urgent engagements”, J Class Struggle