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4 CLASSIQUE Q&A Magazine | Nov 2017 CONTENTS The Glow Issue is oozing with talent, passion and creativity . 28 8 Design meets creativity and passion. w w classiqueqandamagazine@ Meet the team behind ZIWA 10 F O UN D E R & D IREC TOR: S ak h i le Cla s s i q u e K hanye E D ITO R : R u d o M u c hoko A SS I S TA NT E DITOR: R h o d a M oli fe PHOTO G R APHY: Ve l l e E M MA KE UP: A z- M a r i e E s s e nce CON SULTA N T G R APH IC D E S I G N E R: Tawa nd a Mhlanga PUB L I S H ED BY: R M Pu b l i s he r s C R ED I TS : Proc l a i m Di gi tal Tin e vi m b o M upfa c ha Tic h p fu p s B r ian Pepe re ke Sh o p R o ck y UK Con i c a l Towe r Prod u c t io n s KEEGAN MARTIN No dream is an impossible one with South African Idols winner! CROSSING THE POWER BRIDGE PK REVELATIONS In conversation with Benjamin Hamandishe. 14 LEARN FROM THE BEATS MASTER Pro-Jusa De-Mentor's stylistic name and music collaborations. 5 26 6 WELCOME CLASSIQUE Q&A MAGAZINE CLASSIQUE Q&A Magazine | Nov 2017 ISABELLA 28 26 30 VIVACIOUS NOXY Meet sassy, smart and beautiful Star FM Presenter. 32 IN THE SPOTLIGHT Bren Mupa is a multi-talented woman who wears many hats! Find out more!. 36 FOOTBALL SUC-CESS What's it like playing for Sheffield Wednesday, and Halesowen Town? 16 PRINCESS AMANDA On becoming Miss World Zimbabwe UK's First Princess and the work she's doing in the community. 22 JUICE UP YOUR LIFEST YLE Meet chef Karmann Cooks as featured on BBC Good Food Channel. 38 GLOW STAR FEATURE So who is Glowing the most in this Issue? Turn the pages to find out! 30 10