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SOUTHERN ROOTS / Classic Cullman stony lonesome ohv park By Tiffeny Owens stony lonesome ohv park: a little mud on the tires Deep in a corner of southwest &XOOPDQ&RXQW\\RXȊOOʏQGRQHRI $ODEDPDȊVEHVWNHSWVHFUHWVȓDQG LWȊVGHʏQLWHO\DGLUW\RQH At Stony Lonesome OHV Park, they won’t judge if you doing a little mud-slinging. In fact, it’s openly encouraged. 7KHVWDWHȊVʏUVWSXEOLFSDUNRILWV kind, the county-owned and operated off-road vehicle park is located just off Alabama Highway 69, just a short drive from Interstate 65. Open year-round, the 1,500-acre park features trails for ATVs, rock crawlers, dirt bikes, mountain bikers, horses, hikers and pedestrians. Named for the stream that runs behind the property, Stony Lonesome routinely hosts large-scale races and exhibitions that bring in competitors and attendees from across the country. In early 2016, the Southern Rock Racing Series (SRRS) brought thousands of die-hard fans to watch off-road vehicles roar up — and then tumble down — the park’s rugged dirt course. In the fall, the annual Jeep Jamboree circuit comes to town, bringing in Jeep enthusiasts from across the country to test their vehicles against Stony Lonesome’s toughest trails. The park also hosts specialty shorttrack and hill-climbing races for niche enthusiasts of all kinds. Off-roading is a way a life for many, and the devoted travel from near and far to see whether they, and their machines, can conquer Stony Lonesome’s steep hills and gnarliest - 96 classic 2016.indd 96 8/31/2016 10:37:55 AM