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SOUTHERN ROOTS / Classic Cullman Cullman’s Strawberry Festival has a deep history rooted in the area’s rich agricultural background. Now revived for a new generation, today’s festival has recaptured the magic of its historic past. that had been missing from previous revivals. &LW\3DUNRIʏFLDOVVD\PRUHWKDQJDOORQEXFNHWVRIVWUDZberries were sold, and they estimate the crowd as high as 6,0008,000 people across both days in 2016. The number of vendors also more than doubled when compared with the (already successful) previous year. City Parks Director Nathan Anderson noted 2016 was an amazing proof of concept for what the event can become within the next few years. cullman area chamber of commerce “We took over the Strawberry Festival in late February last year, so we planned the last Strawberry Fest in, basically, two months,” Anderson said. “We learned a lot, made some changes, and those made a difference. This year was a huge success and IDUH[FHHGHGDQ\RQHȊVH[SHFWDWLRQV:HKDGWUDIʏFOLNHZHȊYH QHYHUVHHQDQGWKDWȊVREYLRXVO\DJRRGSUREOHPWRKDYHWRʏJure out heading into next year.” By tapping into the event’s rich history, along with some fresh FKDQJHVIRUDQHZJHQHUDWLRQRIIHVWLYDOJRHUVRIʏFLDOVDUH primed to return the Strawberry Festival to its heights from the 1940’s and 1950’s. No word yet on whether that includes getting off work for DZHHNORQJFRPPXQLW\SDUW\ȆEXWZHȊYHJRWRXUʏQJHUV crossed. Cullman city parks & recreation - 90 cla ssic 2016.indd 90 8/31/2016 10:37:39 AM