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Classic Cullman / y’all listen up County instructors and Wallace State instructors. In the bargain, they become eligible for full tuition scholarships through the career technical dual enrollment program. The Cullman Area Career Center has a newly-expanded program that includes classes on the Wallace State campus as REHAU, a Germany-based manufacturer of technologically innovative polymers for automotive and construction applications, has joined with Wallace State to extend the FTI program to students wishing to learn the skills that REHAU needs. 7KURXJKDSUHPLHUVKRUWWHUPFHUWLʏFDWH option for Cullman County high school students, graduates of the newly-creatHG5(+$8$FDGHP\FDQʏQGZRUNDW REHAU’s newly-expanded, state-of-theart manufacturing center in Cullman’s industrial park. “The goal of the program,” REHAU says, “is to produce the best-trained polymer specialists in the industry through a wallace state community college unique educational program in which multiple disciplines combine into a systems approach for troubleshooting is mixed with paid, on-the-job training in and resolving problems in an automated the REHAU manufacturing facility.” manufacturing plant. part of the FTI initiative, focusing on college and career pathways through the integration of academic, career technical, and workforce experiences. The idea is to provide opportunities for students to attend the Cullman Area Career Center in their earlier school years, while providing additional college training to ensure students are well prepared for successful employment in industry-related ʏHOGV “The curriculum will provide students with knowledge and hands-on training in machining, electricity, pneumatics, PLC, robotics, injection molding, and automaWLRQ7KHSURJUDPFRQVLVWVRIʏYHVHPHVters of training — in which coursework Through Fast Track, local industries get a great workforce without having to search outside the area. And young people learn a valuable skill that allows them to earn a good wage without ever leaving home. As Dr. Karolewics says, everybody wins. “This is a shining example of a perfect partnership designed with the end in mind,” said Wallace State President Dr. Vicki Karolewics. “Everyone wins. Business and industry have ready access to a middle-skills workforce. Parents save money on higher education tuition. Students complete their postsecondary education earlier. And, as they enter the workforce sooner, the state gains taxpayers that contribute to a sound economic base.” For an even more locally-tailored example RIKRZ)DVW7UDFNEHQHʏWVERWKVWXGHQWV and resident industries, look no farther than REHAU Cullman. - 83 classic 2016.indd 83 8/31/2016 10:37:19 AM