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Classic Cullman / sit a spell But the lake lets you choose. Smith Lake is one of Alabama’s most heavily-used inland recreation areas, active throughout the year with bass tournaments, boarding events, kayaking, music festivals, and the incredibly popular annual July 4th ʏUHZRUNVGLVSOD\ Dyar said his love of the lake hasn’t just enriched his professional life: Like his buyers, he, too, calls Smith Lake home. He has a custom-built home, which incorporates features of all his favorite Smith Lake properties. “I rode all around the lake, and took pictures of all my favorite houses,” he explained. From there, he worked with an architect to create his dream home, which features a screened porch, plenty of livable outdoor space, a large open great room, and windows across the back to enjoy all the beautiful lakefront sunsets. You don’t have to be a millionaire to own a home on Smith Lake — although, if you are, Dyar can certainly help. ProperWLHVDWWKHODNHʏWDZLGHUDQJHRIEXGJHWV'\DUVDLGKHOLVWV properties at prices ranging from $50,000 into the millions. Extending into three Alabama counties and defined by abundant shoreline, Smith Lake exerts a unique appeal to prospective buyers. “Whether you have a small, one-acre lot or an upper-bracket, prestigious waterfront lake home, I list and sell all types of properties located on Lewis Smith Lake, in Walker, Winston and Cullman counties,” he said. “I have lived on Smith Lake for more than 12 years, and have been coming to Smith Lake since 1986. I have intricate knowledge of the entire lake, and have expert knowledge about every cove and channel on any part of the lake — either by road or by water.” According to Dyar. the top features people look for in a lake property are nice views, easy Interstate access, a gently slopLQJODQGVFDSHWRWKHVKRUHOLQHʏUHSLWVVFUHHQHGLQSRUFKHV and large docks — to name a few. One new trend, said Dyar, is the use of docks as livable spacHVFRPSOHWHZLWKʏUHSLWVDQGNLWFKHQVȍ3HRSOHUHDOO\ZDQW external functionality,” he explained. The Smith Lake market has been hot lately — and Dyar said he expects that to continue. “It is still a buyer’s market,” he said. “Inventory is being depleted; with land sales and lots of new construction, it makes the [entire] market increase by buying land, wood and more. The market is doing really well right now.” Wherever the next trend takes Smith Lake’s housing market, one thing’s a safe bet: “Mr. Smith Lake” will probably be right on top of it. the cullman times, benjamin bullard - 73 classic 2016.indd 73 8/31/2016 10:36:38 AM