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Classic Cullman / INTRODUCTION lisa jones photography Letter from the president W elcome to Cullman, Alabama. Cullman is full of remarkable residents and businesses. We are committed to making Cullman County a special community to live in, work in or play in. You will enjoy the friendliness RIDVPDOOWRZQFRXSOHGZLWKWKHEHQHʏWVRIDJURZLQJ thriving community. Residents of Cullman have multiple reasons for living here, from the friendly community feel, to our outstanding services and centralized location. The businesses that call &XOOPDQKRPHKDYHWKHEHQHʏWRIEHLQJFHQWUDOO\ORFDWHG within an economic corridor connected by major highways DQGWKRURXJKIDUHV7KLVSURYLGHVSOHQW\RIWUDIʏFSDVWRXU storefronts, and easy access to the unique shops and restaurants that abound within our quaint yet modern small town. We are located in the center of a-two plus-hour drive nexus point made up of Huntsville, Birmingham, Chattanooga, Nashville, and Atlanta, positioning Cullman County well for positive economic impact. Our diverse mix of manuIDFWXULQJVHUYLFHLQGXVWULHVUHWDLOPHGLFDODQGʏQDQFLDO institutions gives Cullman County stability and potential for growth. Cullman County is a clean, safe, family-oriented (rated as the best place to raise children in Alabama) and business-friendly area with a quality education system—including higher learning at Wallace State Community College; ample workforce; good public services; and outstanding cultural, historical and recreational sites. Take a look at what we have to offer. Whatever you are seeking, as a visit or, a new resident or a new business, we welcome the opportunity to meet your needs. Leah Bolin Cullman Chamber of Commerce CEO/President Cullman Area Chamber of Commerce &Visitor Center Cullman area chamber of commerce classic 2016.indd 7 -5- Open Monday – Friday, 8 AM - 5 PM Phone: 256-734-0454 Toll Free: 1-800-313-5114 Fax: 256-737-7443 Email: 8/31/2016 10:29:47 AM