Classic Cullman 2017 - Page 69

Classic Cullman / sit a spell In Cullman, the Blaylocks say they have everything they ever wanted or needed: acreage to pursue their outdoor passions, a house that serves as the coming-home locus for their adult children, and a vault for memories that span generations. Misty Blaylock “It’s very peaceful out here, and 34 acres is just about right for all we need. We’re content,” Misty says. “Honestly, I’d go crazy if I had more than this to deal with. It can be a lot to keep up with. The house is big, but it’s a good size for what we need. When my family from Florida comes up, there’s space for everybody. “And,” she adds, “check out our porch! It goes just about all the way around the whole house. If you ever get tired of looking at the same thing, hey — just move your chair!” the cullman times, benjamin bullard - 69 classic 2016.indd 69 8/31/2016 10:36:25 AM