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sit a spell / Classic Cullman :LOODQG0LVW\%OD\ORFNDWWKHLU home surrounded by 34 acres. the cullman times, benjamin bullard Misty jokes as she hurries past. The Blaylocks didn’t build their house. They stumbled across it — and the 34 acres on which it sits — at the right time. Another Cullman family had planned and built the home, says Misty. But just as that family was moving DOOWKHLUEHORQJLQJVLQWRWKHʏQLVKHG house, they reevaluated their priorities, decided they didn’t need so much house — and put the home up for sale. “Wilson was wanting a place where we could spread out and bring all his farm equipment in to one place. I said, ‘Well, LI\RXFDQʏQGDSURSHUW\ZKHUHWKHUHȊV already a house, maybe I’ll consider it,’” says Misty. “So we were riding around one Sunday afternoon, and we came up on this KRXVH,WZDVQȊWFRPSOHWHO\ʏQLVKHG neither the barn nor the house. We couldn’t tell if anybody was even living in it. We stewed on it and stewed on LWDQGʏQDOO\ZHFDPHWRORRNDWWKH house again. And the owner was home, and she came to the door. “Right after that happened, I was scheduled to go on a trip with my college girlfriends — and when I came back, Wilson had moved into the house. It ZRUNHGRXWʏQHIRUPHEHFDXVH,GLGQȊW even have to buy any furniture. All the VWXIIZHDOUHDG\KDGʏWSHUIHFWO\$QG the folks we bought the house from just built a different place across the road. Now we’re all neighbors!” In many ways, the Blaylocks’ house is just a backdrop for what they’re really passionate about: being outdoors and enjoying their property. Separate from the main house is a horse barn, housing stables, a loft area, and an attached retreat where Wilson escapes to a deFLGHGO\PDVFXOLQHRIʏFHORXQJHRQKLV free weekends. “You can tell we’re all hunters,” Misty says, scanning the walls of Wilson’s lodge-themed retreat. Whether there or back inside the main house, sporting life is a conspicuous part of the decor. Deer, pheasant, raccoon, cape buffalo, the aforementioned kudu — even a lion: if it can be hunted, there’s a good chance someone in the Blaylock family has done it. Will’s into duck hunting; Wilson goes for the rare and sometimes dangerous game. “But,” says Misty, “Wilson’s real ‘other’ hobby is horses. That’s part of the reason we got this place. Instead of playing golf or tennis, he likes to deal in Tennessee walking horses. We go trail riding a lot together, as a matter of fact. It’s funny, because I used to ride a lot growing up, and then I quit. But when I married him, I had to start all over again!” Horses are only part of the story, though. Will raises goats on the property, and Misty’s hobby is Hereford cattle. “My family is in the Hereford business LQ&HQWUDO)ORULGDDQGZKHQZHʏUVW moved out here, my daddy told me that the only thing we needed to make this place complete were some of his cows. So I started out with six. We’ve been living here for close to nine years, and now I’m up to twelve cows. So I guess I’m making progress!” - 68 classic 2016.indd 68 8/31/2016 10:36:18 AM