Classic Cullman 2017 - Page 67

Classic Cullman / sit a spell the cullman times, benjamin bullard excellent cook. He cooks the food that puts the pounds on you!” Misty Blaylock “If we’re in a hurry, mom cooks,” interjects son Will, a freshman at Mississippi State. “But, if we’re at home on a Sunday afternoon, that’s when dad kind of takes over.” “Yeah — he does that good old VRXWKHUQKRPHFRRNLQJȎDIʏUPV Misty. the cullman times, benjamin bullard As if to stress the conviction that her house is meant to be used and not adored, Misty barely hesitates as she passes through the home’s most formal area — the two-story sitting and living room bounded by the main VWDLUFDVH7KHIXUQLWXUHORRNVʏUPHU KHUHDQGWKHDUUDQJHPHQWEHʏWVD parlor. Everything’s at right angles, DQGZKLOHRUQDWHZLWKʏ[WXUHVDQG furnishings, it looks like a room that’s meant to be seen — but not experienced. “This is where we don’t hang out!” - 67 classic 2016.indd 67 8/31/2016 10:36:14 AM