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Classic Cullman / sit a spell sportsman lake park offers something for people of all ages Within the grounds of Sportsman Lake Park sits another dedicated park-within-a-park: the Veterans Memorial Park, a sober and well-appointed area of reʐHFWLRQWKDWKRQRUVWKHPHPRU\RI&XOOPDQDUHDUHVLGHQWV who have served our country. Strolling guests invariably discover Veterans Memorial and are drawn in, devoting some quiet moments to gazing at its military artifacts, its memorial wall of names, and read ing the commentary on thoughtfully-placed plaques that tell compelling local stories. The park has become the Cullman area’s focal point for well-attended annual events commemorating Memorial Day and Veterans Day. Here’s a tip for newcomers and locals alike: when you head to Sportsman Lake, try staying overnight at one of the lake’s camping spots. You’ll have a wealth of options for enjoying the outdoors without having to “rough it.” Best of all, should you crave one of life’s modern conveniences, all of Cullman is only seconds away. - 15 classic 2016.indd 65 8/31/2016 10:36:03 AM