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fine & dandy / Classic Cullman 'RFWRUV5RGJHUV+DUULVRQDQG6WLGKDP the emphasis always has been treating patients and each other like family While the practice touts a large staff of doctors, nurses and medical assistants, the emphasis always has been treating patients and each other like family. It’s a variation of the Golden Rule: take care of your patients just as you would like you, and your family, to be taken care of. Because of that philosophy, many patients have stuck with their doctors for decades, growing from young adults to middle-aged grandparents. Stick your head in an exam room at CIM, and you’ll see pictures of smiling children celebrating a victorious T-ball game or playing on the beach on vacation. During a recent routine checkup, before the topic of health was ever broached, Harrison took time to catch up with patient Jeff Matz, inquiring how his work was going and how his family was doing. same way about them.” Rogers, a Memphis native, has been with CIM for the past four years. Over WKDWWLPHKHȊVEHHQSOHDVHGWRʏQGSDtients who come from all walks of life. “From the different industries to the small businesses, people are doing neat things here,” he said. “I’ve enjoyed getting to know people who come from diverse backgrounds and all kinds of life experiences.” Looking ahead, the trio said the medical ʏHOGFRQWLQXHVWRHYROYHDQGHPEUDFH technology to carry out everything from procedures to billing and patient records. When meeting patients, doctors no longer scribble illegible notes into a paper pad, but type them up at dedicated terminals in each exam room. Patients can go RQOLQHWRUHTXHVWSUHVFULSWLRQUHʏOOVDQG request appointments. “The founders of Cullman Internal Medicine always had a model of care that was based on patients,” said Stidham, UHʐHFWLQJRQWKHSKLORVRSK\WKDWDOORZV CIM to thrive alongside the community it calls home. “It is ‘take care of your patients, treat them like family, and the money will come.’” 'U5RGJHUVWDONVZLWK'U3HLQKDUGW the cullman times, tiffeny owens school, he was “hanging on to Dr. PeinKDUGWȊVFRDWWDLOVȎDURXQGWKHRIʏFH Matz recounted a recent family trip to the Caribbean that got “a little more off the beaten path” than anyone expected. ȍ7KHUHȊVGHʏQLWHO\PRUHRIDIDPLO\ feel here between the physicians and the staff,” Harrison said later. “And that spills over to the patients. We feel the - 48 classic 2016.indd 48 8/31/2016 10:34:38 AM