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Classic Cullman / fine & dandy Doctors Jeremy Stidham, Benjamin Rogers and Adam Harrison are a trio of internists who weren’t even alive when 'U%LOO3HLQKDUGWʏUVWHVWDEOLVKHGWKH practice in 1976. Peinhardt was a pioneer in bringing internal medicine to Cullman. When he started, some older physicians doubted the young MD. But over time, the practice grew, adding more patients and staff. Now, four decades later, Peinhardt is leaving behind a legacy that young doctors like Stidham, Rogers and Harrison are picking up and carrying forward. For Stidham, a self-described Air Force brat who moved around as youngster, Cullman has become home. After going off to college and medical school, it became clear to Stidham he wanted to set up shop in his adopted hometown. “Once you get out of here, you realize what you’re missing,” he said. While some doctors choose to work in major cities like Birmingham, Nashville or Atlanta, Stidham said Cullman was the ULJKWʏWIRUKLP ȍ,WKLQNEHLQJLQDVPDOOHUFLW\DPSOLʏHV WKHVLJQLʏFDQFHRIZKDWZHGRLQFRPSDUison to working in a big city,” he explained. “We have a lot more leeway, and, I think, more of an impact with the type of care we provide our patients. )URPOHࢆ'UV7RQ\5XVH Adam Harrison, Benjamin Rogers and Jeremy Stidham. By Tiffeny Owens Cullman Internal Medicine (CIM) has been around longer than a lot of its patients have. For the past 40 years, Cullman Internal has been treating residents across Cullman County, as well as neighboring communities. As the Cullman area has grown, CIM has grown with it. Now, with a handful of young, up-andcoming doctors on staff, the medical practice plans to carry its tradition of excellence into the future. A new generation of physicians is harnessing the power of today’s technology to provide high-quality care — accompanied, as always, by the same compassionate human touch. “So often when a patient shows up at doctor in Birmingham or some other larger city, their health problems are already in an advanced state where you only have so many options for treatment. Whereas, here in Cullman, you can catch little issues early and can provide preventative care for that patient before it becomes a major health problem. I think that’s one of the most important things we do here.” For Harrison, Cullman is the only home he knows. Born in the old Cullman hospital — now the Folsom Center for Rehabilitation & Healthcare — he took an HDUO\LQWHUHVWLQWKHPHGLFDOʏHOG,QKLJK - 47 classic 2016.indd 47 8/31/2016 10:34:30 AM