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Classic Cullman / fine & dandy cullman is home to a variety of big-ticket outdoor attractions for dogs, allowing owners to put their fourlegged companions through the paces. If you go that route, there’s a big upside: one park; two workouts! The Cullman area is home to three disc golf courses: one at Heritage Park; the campus of Wallace State Community College; and lastly at Fairview Park. If you’re new to disc golf, just think of it as regular golf, minus the expense and equipment! All you need for disc golf is a frisbee and a love of strolling scenic places. At a disc golf course, players attempt to sink their frisbee into targets stationed at carefully-planned intervals that provide many of the same challenges and obstacles you’d ʏQGRQDWUDGLWLRQDOJROIFRXUVH*HWFRPSHWLtive or just go along for the fun — either way, Cullman’s got you covered. Disc Golf at Heritage Park the cullman times, sam rolley Baileyton Goodtime Drag Strip Tucked away in Cullman County’s eastern countryside, there’s a little place called the Baileyton Goodtime Drag strip. Even though LWȊVQRWKDUGWRʏQGRQWKHPDSDOO\RXKDYH to do is follow the sounds of revving engines and tires hitting the asphalt on a Saturday night. The strip, featuring a 1/8-mile raceway and plenty of spectator seating, boasts a robust schedule of races and events for drivers of all skill levels and classes. And you don’t need to be a driver to get a kick from a visit to Baileyton — watching’s half the fun! baileyton goodtime drag strip - 45 classic 2016.indd 45 8/31/2016 10:34:19 AM