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Classic Cullman / fine & dandy Wake boarding, if you aren’t sure, involves following behind a ski-style boat on a single, truncated surf-style board instead of skis. The boat makes waves, and, following behind, the wake boarder crosses the wake, taking advantage of the pitch and the angular velocity to launch out of the water and get acrobatic while airborne. “It’s a very up-and-coming thing,” said Thames, himVHOIDZDNHHQWKXVLDVWȍ7KLQNEDFNDERXWʏYH\HDUVDJR — you started seeing it in the X-Games [on ESPN]. The sport has grown tremendously. People will come out here; they turn on music; they all pile in the boat; they have their boards; they all have fun.” Pretty simple, right? It gets complex. Like most thrill sports that have evolved beyond modest beginnings, wake boarding has its own techniques and terminology. And if you want to spend a lot of money on gear, you certainly can. Wake boarding’s most ardent enthusiasts are, well, ardent. smith lake rv & cabin resort When You Need the Best Care Hours: # #$    #$   256.737.0880  !   Heritage Professional Bldg. """   070201188208068 - 41 classic 2016.indd 41 8/31/2016 10:34:06 AM