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nate polta photography fine & dandy / Classic Cullman rt bin reso ke rv & ca smith la By Benjamin Bullard Smith Lake is a lot of things to a lot of people. It’s a SODFHWROLYHDSODFHWRʏVKDSODFHZKHUHHOHFWULFLW\JHWV PDGHDSODFHWRZDWFKʏUHZRUNV wake at the lake: smith lake’s wild side But when the weather heats up, the lake takes on perhaps its most visible role: a place for on-the-water recreation. And increasingly, the brand of recreation on display is decidedly active in character. Just ask Zach Thames, owner of Progression Powersports and Outdoors in Dodge City. ȍ7KLVLVDGHʏQLWHO\DVSRUWLQJODNHȎKHVDLGȍ,WȊVD ʏVKLQJODNHWRRRIFRXUVHEXWMXVWFRPHRXWKHUHRQWKH weekend, during the summer. There’re kids tubing, peoSOHRQ6HD'RRVʐ\LQJEDFNDQGIRUWKZDNHERDUGHUVȓ It’s massive.This place is crazy with that kind of thing on Memorial Day, and that kind of kicks off the whole season.” - 40 classic 2016.indd 40 8/31/2016 10:34:03 AM