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Classic Cullman / Whistlin’ Dixie Stone Bridge Farms TRUE SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY Stone Bridge Farms CEO Ron Foust is an expert in hospitality. But anyone who’s visited his picturesque 78-acre estate, which has played host to countless weddings and celebrations over the years, already knows that. If you haven’t had the pleasure, a trip to WKHUXUDOHYHQWYHQXHLVDGHʏQLWHPXVW And don’t think you have to wait for a wedding invitation for the opportunity. Brad wiegmann TP Country Club In addition to providing a full service venue for elegant weddings, exclusive corporate gatherings and down-home celebrations, Stone Bridge Farms serves up a southern feast open to the public each Thursday. DINING FOR ANY OCCASION Whether you just want to walk the grounds and take in the scenery, have a bite to eat or plan a party big or small, Stone Bridge provides a gracious, rustic backdrop that’s a world away from ordinary. )RUWKRVHZKRHQMR\ʏQHGLQLQJ&KHI-HQQLIHU%ULW offers a wonderful selection of entrees that will be sure to please most everyone. The main dining room is open every Wednesday for lunch from 11:00 until 1:30, Sunday for brunch from 11:00 until 2:00 and Thursday and Friday evening from 5:00 until 9:00 for dinner. The menu changes periodically so your pallet will never get bored! photo courtesy of loft 212 Loft 212 photo courtesy of stone bridge farms Top of the Town THE PLACE FOR URBAN CHIC A GRAND VIEW FROM ABOVE Downtown Cullman’s vintage buildings offer a stylish setting for milestone events. Top of the Town is a full service venue with custom catering and design options with a beautifully stocked bar. They are located on top of the beautifully remodHOHGIRXUWKʐRRURI&XOOPDQ6DYLQJV%DQNZLWKIRXU ʐRRUVRIFRYHUHGSDUNLQJ7RSRIWKH7RZQRYHUORRNV the city from its large outside terrace. Nestled at the corner of 4th Street and 3rd Avenue is Loft 212 At Ponder Place, a busy venue for weddings, fundraisers, reunions and other special events. The spacious ballroom hosts up to 500 guests surrounded by vintage brick walls and carefully appointed lighting. - 17 classic 2016.indd 17 8/31/2016 10:30:51 AM