Classic Cullman 2017 - Page 14

Whistlin’ Dixie / Classic Cullman BERKELEY BOB’S Bob Keefe By Benjamin Bullard If Cullman’s expanding music scene has an emotional epicenter, it’s Berkeley Bob’s. Berkeley Bob’s Coffee House, one of a small handful of businesses responsible for catalyzing downtown Cullman’s renaissance over the past 15 years, is far more to its regulars than the best coffee shop in Alabama — as readers of Alabama Magazine recently proclaimed it. live on stage/New York times, Richard termine Cullman Community Concert Association %\%HQMDPLQ%XOODUG ौHSHUIRUPLQJDUWVFRPH alive on the stage of the PDJQLਭFHQW%Hि\/HHWK +D\QHVौHDWHUZKHUH WKH&XOOPDQ&RPPXQLW\ Concert Association hosts DULFKGLYHUVLW\RIQDWLRQDOO\UHFRJQL]HGDUWLVWV WKURXJKRXWWKH\HDU &XOOPDQ‫ۑ‬V&RPPXQLW\ Concert Association welFRPHVDFWLYHPHPEHUVKLS DQGFRQWLQXDOO\VHDUFKHV IRUQHZERDUGPHPEHUV ZKRYDOXHWKHPDQ\ZD\V LQZKLFKWKHਭQHDUWV KDYHHQULFKHGWKH&XOOPDQDUHD‫ۑ‬VTXDOLW\RIOLIH :KHWKHU\RXMXVWZDQWWR WDNHLQDUREXVWOLQHXSRI PXVLFLDQVGDQFHUVYRFDOLVWVWKHDWHUWURXSHVDQG RWKHUDUWLVWV‫ی‬bRUZKHWKHU \RX‫ۑ‬GOLNHWRSDUWLFLSDWHLQ VKDSLQJ&XOOPDQ‫ۑ‬VDUWLVWLF FXOWXUHWKH&RPPXQLW\ Concert Association has a SODFHIRU\RX Bob’s is the place people go to hear music once GLIʏFXOWWRʏQGLQ&XOOPDQ2ULQ%LUPLQJKDP Or in Huntsville. And the shop’s near-mythic respect for folk sounds— that is, music that touches the hearts of regular folks— hasn’t gone without notice. Artists passing through on larger tours often ring the shop in hopes of spending a little time on its stage— just for the privilege of playing an impromptu, intimate show at a place where the owners still believe in real music, made by real people, who’ve become real friends. Bluegrass, country, rock, singer-songwriter, open mic, and esoterica ranging from cigar-box blues to Swedish folk — Bob’s has never discriminated when it comes to style, but founder Bob Keefe has always been discriminating when it comes to quality. Come for the coffee, for the sweets, for the wide selection of teas (which you can buy in bulk and take home with you) — but stay for the music. It’s the thing that Bob’s does in a way that no place else can. - 14 classic 2016.indd 14 8/31/2016 10:30:45 AM