CJS 200 Week 8 DQs CJS 200 Week 8 DQs

CJS 200 Week 8 DQs Click Below Link To Purchase www.foxtutor.com/product/cjs-200-week-8-dqs DQ 1 Re-integrating prisoners back into the community is a challenging task. Would you want a half way house in your community? DQ 2 Under the Sentencing Reform Act of 1984, Congress eliminated parole for federal prisoners convicted of crimes committed on or after November 1, 1987. But while federal prisoners can no longer look forward to parole release, they may nevertheless earn reduced terms for good behavior. And, even though federal parole has been all but eliminated, at the time of sentencing, judges can add a period of "supervised release" to be served at the end of a defendant's prison sentence. What are your thoughts? How can parole be an option at the Ste level but not the Federal level? DQ 3 http://www.uscourts.gov/News/TheThirdBranch/11-05- 01/Parole_in_the_Federal_Probation_System.aspx Follow the link and let me know your thoughts on the work of Dr.Latessa http://familyimpactseminars.org/s_wifis26c02.pdf DQ 4 Truth in sentencing laws are enacted to reduce the possibility of early release from incarceration. It requires offenders to serve a substantial portion of the prison sentence