CJ 233 Unit 3 Assignment (2) CJ 233 Unit 3 Assignment (2)

CJ 233 Unit 3 Assignment Click Below Link To Purchase www.foxtutor.com/product/cj-233-unit-3-assignment CJ 233-1: Describe the roles of psychologists in the criminal justice system. (Completed) This paper substantially identifies the psychologists’ roles within the legal system (i.e. applied scientist, basic scientist, policy evaluator and advocate) demonstrating your understanding of the reading material presented for unit 3. In addition, it appears that you understand how these roles are applied in different environments within the legal system. CJ 233-2: Discuss the legal, ethical, and professional issues raised by the interface between psychology and the law. (Completed) This paper also substantially addresses one common ethical obligation or issue facing psychologists in EACH area above and how each ethical obligation is overcome and/or mitigated by psychologists. This paper substantially describes the role psychologists serve as a consultant in the jury selection process. It also provides examples of psychological concepts and describes how they are applied to the selection of juries.