City Services Satisfaction Survey 2012 City Services Satisfaction Survey - Page 67

Ratings of City Council/Staff – 2-Wave Trend (Top-Two Box—Strongly/Somewhat Agree) Dec. 2010 Dec. 2011 76 I get the answers I need when I visit a City facility 70 77 I get answers I need when I call a City facility 65 When I ask a City employee for something, they either provide the answer or find someone who can 79 67 When I ask the same question from different City employees, I get the same answer 52 52 0 20 40 60 Percent 80 100 Question: Q16b. “Based on your impression or experience, how much would you agree or disagree with the following statements, using a scale of “strongly agree,” “somewhat agree,” “Neither agree nor disagree,” “somewhat disagree,” and “strongly disagree.” Base: Total respondents, excluding “don’t knows.” (Base Varies) Note: This question asked beginning in 2010. Statistical Note: A single-line “up” arrow (↑) indicates a significant increase and a single-line “down” arrow (↓) indicates a significant decrease from the last wave in 2010 (i.e., difference significant at or above the 95% confidence level.) Decision Analyst, Inc. 67