City Services Satisfaction Survey 2012 City Services Satisfaction Survey - Page 63

Perceptions of City’s Initiatives and Communication Efforts Consistent with last year, the city’s initiatives and projects/campaigns are rated with a wide range of top-two-box ratings, from 31% to 81%, indicating a mix of positive and negative. The city’s efforts in encouraging tourism continue to be perceived very positively (81% “excellent” or “good”). Compared to last year, the only area that gains significant improvement is the city’s efforts to grow and diversify the economy (67% top- two box vs. 59% in 2010). However, similar to last year, the city’s projects that need some improvement (rated lower than 60% top-two-box ratings) are: Focusing on mobility and transportation Enhancing and preserving neighborhoods Protecting from flooding and erosion Focusing on financial stewardship Championing redevelopment opportunities About two-thirds of Arlington residents feel that they would get answers they need when they visit or call a city facility, and that city employees either provide the answer or find someone who can. However, it is notable that perceptions of the city’s communication via phone and of city employees’ responsiveness have declined compared to last year* (likely a function of methodology change, as noted in the Caution On Year-To-Year Comparisons). Also, consistent with last year, only about half agree that they would get the same answer when they ask the same question from different city employees. This continues to suggest more improvements for unequivocal communications with citizens. The majority of citizens report they use various information sources, including Internet (76%), newspaper (53%), and TV (49%), to keep up with Arlington. Among city’s communication channels, the city website continues to be rated highest at a top-two-box rating of 76%, followed by city TV channels (63%), and the council webcast (56%). However, compared to last year, ratings of these city’s communication channels have declined, and indicate some needs for enhancement or promotion* (likely a function of methodology change, as noted in the Caution On Year-To-Year Comparisons). Decision Analyst, Inc. 63