City Services Satisfaction Survey 2012 City Services Satisfaction Survey - Page 6

Among neighborhood problems, residential and car burglaries and speeding in neighborhoods continue to be among the top concerns for residents, with over one- third reporting each to be at least somewhat of a problem. Overall sense of safety in neighborhoods and in Arlington continues to be stable in general, with some decline from last year. Neighborhoods and business areas in Arlington, despite some statistical drops in 2011, continue to be rated very safe for walking alone during the day (for neighborhoods 90% very/somewhat safe vs. 94% in 2010; for business areas 88% vs. 95%). As would be expected, safety ratings at night are much lower for both neighborhoods and business areas in Arlington (for neighborhoods 62% very/somewhat safe vs. 66% in 2010; for business areas 45% vs. 56%). It is notable that the extent of drops is largest in the safety rating of business areas in Arlington at night. Although the vast majority of residents (81%) report that neither they, nor anyone in their household, were the victim of any crime in the past 12 months, the incidence of being a crime victim has significantly increased from 13% in 2010 to 19% in 2011* (likely a function of methodology change, as noted in the Caution On Year-To-Year Comparisons). Ratings And Perceptions Of Specific Services And Facilities Most city services in Arlington continue to receive moderately high to high overall ratings. About two-thirds of city services rated receive a top-two-box rating (“good” or “excellent”) of 70% or higher. Ambulance/emergency medical services, fire services, libraries facilities, and parks and recreation continue to be rated very high, with most top-two-box ratings above 90%. On the opposite end, city services that are rated under 60% top-two-box ratings are code enforcement, zoning service, graffiti removal, Handitran, health inspection, and municipal airport. Decision Analyst, Inc. 6