City Services Satisfaction Survey 2012 City Services Satisfaction Survey - Page 30

Library Services/Facilities. Among users in the past 12 months, library services and facilities in Arlington continue to be rated very high, with top-two-box ratings of all attributes at 85% or higher. Specifically, about 90% of residents rate “excellent” or “good” on quality of library services and library facilities. Although its top-two-box rating level is very high at 86%, some desire may exist for availability of materials. Community Services. Consistent with last year, among users in the past 12 months, quality of customer service is rated high (78% top-two box), while timeliness of service (65%) indicates room for some improvement. Water Utilities Services. Among users in the past 12 months, the water utilities department is rated very high with 85% and above top-two box, in terms of availability of service, quality of services, and timeliness of services. Not only past-year users but also residents in Arlington perceive the water utilities department very positively. Specifically, about 90% of residents rate “excellent” or “good” on water treatment service, and overall quality of products and services (88% for each). However, despite very high top-two-box rating levels at 79%, speed in completing water/sewer construction, and water conservation efforts could be considered for more improvements to achieve excellence in all areas. Other Miscellaneous Services. City services that are rated high at or above 75% top- two box include electronic bill-paying service, garbage collection, recycling services, dispatch service (911), convention center, and landfill service. On the opposite end, city services that are rated lower than 60% top-two-box ratings are code enforcement, zoning service, graffiti removal, Handitran, health inspection, and municipal airport. It is notable that, except a few, top-two-box ratings of these services show downtrend compared to last year* (likely a function of methodology change, as noted in the Caution On Year-To-Year Comparisons). Streets Overall. Streets in Arlington continue to be perceived generally as an area where there is much room for improvements, with top-two box ranging from 42% to 67%. Some of the most needed areas for improvement (at or below 50% top-two box) include road work/street repair services, traffic signal timing, overall condition of streets and roads, and management of traffic on the major thoroughfares during peak times. Decision Analyst, Inc. 30