City Services Satisfaction Survey 2012 City Services Satisfaction Survey - Page 29

Ratings and Perceptions of Specific Services and Facilities City Services Overall. City services in Arlington generally continue to receive moderately high to high overall ratings, with about two-thirds of city services rated receiving a top-two-box rating (“good” or “excellent”) of 70% or higher. Ambulance/emergency medical services, fire services, libraries facilities, and parks and recreation continue to be rated very high, with most top-two-box ratings above 90%. On the opposite end, city services that are rated under 60% top-two-box ratings are code enforcement, zoning service, graffiti removal, Handitran, health inspection, and municipal airport. Fire Department. Consistent with last year, virtually all of the users rate the fire department as “excellent” or “good” on quality of service and on timeliness of service. Top-two-box rating of community education services by the fire department (75%) is comparatively lower than ratings of the fire services above (90%+), but still viewed positively among citizens. Ambulance/Emergency Medical Services. Among users in the past 12 months, ambulance and emergency medical services continue to be rated very high (95%+ top- two box) on quality of service and timeliness of service. Police Department. Among users in the past 12 months, the police department is rated high with 75% and above top-two box, in terms of overall competence of police employees, behavior/attitude of police officers, and quality of services. Compared to these areas, top-two-box ratings of timeliness of services (68%) and community education services by the police department (70%) indicate more room for improvement. Parks/Recreation Facilities. Consistent with last year, residents in Arlington perceive the overall quality of parks and recreation facilities very positively, with top-two-box ratings of all attributes at 85% or higher. Specifically, about 90% of residents rate “excellent” or “good” on parks and recreation programs/classes, appearance of parks and facilities, and overall quality of parks. However, despite very high top-two-box rating levels at 86%, quality of customer service, and range of activities could be considered for more improvements to achieve excellence. Decision Analyst, Inc. 29