City Services Satisfaction Survey 2012 City Services Satisfaction Survey - Page 113

Q22. Considering all of the services the City provides, and all of the taxes you pay, which of the following statements comes closest to your view? {Choose One Answer} SR 1 I would prefer that the City decrease taxes and decrease services 2 I would prefer that the City keep taxes and services about where they are 3 I would prefer that the City raise taxes and increase services 4 None of these/Don’t know/No answer Q22a. (SKIP) Q23. Overall, do you feel that the City of Arlington is generally headed in the right direction, or is it on the wrong track? {Choose One Answer} SR 1 Right direction 2 Wrong track 3 Don’t know/No answer Q24.-Q24B. (SKIP) Q25. These last few questions are just for classification purposes. How long have you lived in Arlington? {Choose One Answer} SR 1 Less than one year 2 1-3 years 3 4-6 years 4 7-10 years 5 More than 10 years 6 Don’t know/No answer Q26. Do you own or rent your primary residence? {Choose One Answer} SR 1 Own 2 Rent 3 Don’t know/No answer Q26a.What type of dwelling do you currently live in? {Choose One Answer} SR 1 Single-family home 2 Duplex 3 Mobile home 4 Condominium 5 Apartment 6 Other 7 Don’t know/No answer Study #110528 21