City Services Satisfaction Survey 2012 City Services Satisfaction Survey - Page 10

DETAILED FINDINGS Caution On Year-To-Year Comparisons With the change from telephone to Internet methodology for this year’s survey, it was recognized that there might be differences in year-to-year comparisons that could not be explained by anything other than that change. Some of the factors that might result in differences include: different sample; respondents looking at or reading questions rather than listening; self- administered questions vs. interaction with an interviewer; the type of person willing to participate in an Internet survey vs. someone willing to participate in a phone survey; and many other possible factors, including unknown factors. Especially for the first year, comparability with previous waves may be lost to some extent. Unexplained differences were in fact seen in a number of year-to-year comparisons. They have generally been presented here for informational purposes, without attempted explanation. For all these reasons, year-to-year comparisons should be interpreted with caution. Decision Analyst, Inc. 10